Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 11 – Create Your Signature System

  Welcome to the Challenge Day 11. OK- one of the biggest mistakes speakers make is omitting the importance of creating a ‘signature system’.  No matter how inspiring or entertaining your story is, you’ll always be trapped as a fee for speech speaker with no passive income unless you take your knowledge and experience and […]

Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 4- Getting Speaking Engagements

Welcome to the Challenge Day 4! Here we are at day 4, and the participation is extraordinary.  Thanks for the wonderful comments you’re leaving.  It makes it exciting for me to pop in and film each day’s video when I know I’m “lighting a fire in your belly” as Dawn Fry so beautifully put it. […]

Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 3 Clarity on Your Message

Welcome to the Challenge. And a big thanks to everyone who is commenting so I don’t feel like a goose doing this for no reason!  When I asked on Facebook whether I should go ahead and do all this free training I had nearly 106 people (in various forums) say “Yes please, count me in!” […]

Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 2 with Joanna Martin

  Day#2 of Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge! I’ve been reviewing some presentations for one of my 1-1 clients over the last couple of days (these are the guys that pay me AUD$15,000/ GBP £7500 a day for input).  And do you know what I’m noticing.  What holds these talented and successful speakers back is exactly the […]

Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge Day #1

Welcome to Day #1 of the 14-day Speakers Challenge. Over the next 14 days I will post a video almost every day to share with you the 10 simple strategies which if you’re doing them, you’re business will keep consistently growing. You see there’s really only 10 things you need to be doing. Keep doing […]

How To Be The Go To Person In Your Niche

When you are seen to be the go to person in your niche your celebrity stock rises and your visibility increases. How to become the go to person is something all speakers need to figure out so as to attract regular gigs. The first stage to becoming a go to person is to define your […]