Public Speaking Tips: How to Handle Feedback

Recognise that every time you step on stage or put yourself out there, you are opening yourself up to feedback. Keep your energy in while hearing the feedback, and filter it based on Does this person want the best for me What is their experience or education in this area Make the choice whether to […]

Free Public Speaking Tips on Tuesday’s Webinar

Hi gang- Just a very quick post. I’m running a free Q&A webinar on Tuesday.  We’ve had so many questions this week:  some specific to strategy and tactics for building a speaking business; some about the “Ultimate Speaking Resource” which is currently open for registrations.  Doors are closing on Wednesday the 29th but not before […]

A hard earned coffee!

Greg and I with bags under our eyes at our local cafe in London re-caffeinating after a very very late night! I was up til 2am and Greg until 4:30 am ( and a quick sleep interruption due to video upload problems at 5:30am) last night.  We don’ft do crazy stuff like that very often […]

Leverage Your Speaking Career Using The Elegant Business Model

Click play to watch this video now! The Pareto Principle is always at play when it comes to your speaking career. Of the starry-eyed masses who choose to follow a career that involves speaking,  the truth is 20% of them will make 80% of the money. Which means the other 80% struggle, sharing the remaining […]

Free Public Speaking Tips: The Presentation Profits Blueprint is Available

Released: The Shift Speaker Training Presentation Profits Blueprint Well- it is released.  It’s out there for the world to see. Chock-a- block full of free public speaking tips to make you foam at the mouth – it’s my Presentation profits Blueprint.  I’m so proud of this little puppy. (Chock-a-block is Australian for overflowing in value […]