Shift Speaker Training was created by founder Dr Joanna Martin in response to heartfelt requests from her students to teach them what she had discovered about success as a millionaire speaker.

This blog is the centre of the community and the place to come to for:

  • Useful articles for speakers. They are dedicated to helping you to start and run a successful business with focus on speaking.
  • A collection of audios and podcasts about running speaking business.
  • Fresh content that will be added regularly including interviews, how to articles, instruction and discussion.

So how did Shift Speaker Training Originate?

After a number of years as a speaker Joanna was incensed at the lack of integrity displayed by many of her colleagues in the speaking field. She is committed to creating a new generation of speakers who are leaders in their communities- people of influence and integrity; who still enjoy the rewards of a job well done.

The Evolution of a Speaking Training Organisation

With a background in medicine and then the performing arts, Joanna had achieved recognition and success on the international stage as a trainer of personal development from 2005-2008. Unlike many speakers who focused either on being great performers or on profit- Joanna was different.

She had found a style and a system that allowed her to not only inspire authentic action in her audience (in her first 12 months alone she made over $1.25 million in sales from the platform); but also to train, educate and facilitate changes that impacted lives across the USA, Australia and the UK.

In just under three years she was on the road for 513 days, on stage for 373 of those, teaching and delivering effective presentations. In 3544 hours on stage she sold over $3.8 million worth of product. She consulted with businesses resulting in total revenue of over $47 million. Having managed all this before her 30th birthday she was ready for a break!

2007-2008 saw Joanna take a break from speaking and enter her fondly termed “Pyjama Phase” where she rested, traveled and generally sampled retirement. During this period she was approached by dozens of her old students who were venturing into careers as speakers to teach them everything she knew about both making a difference and making money with effective presentations. She refused for sometime, but after 9 months relented and Shift Speaker Training was born.

Shift Speaker Training started as an online resource sharing Joanna’s Effective Presentation System for closing sales from the platform, but within three months had grown into a full speaking training program including live events, a high end mentoring program and occasional consultation to established speakers.

A Focus on Lifestyle and the Elegant Business Model™

What makes Shift Speaker Training different to every other speaking organization is its focus on building Lifestyle-Focused speaking businesses with its clients.

Over 98% of speaking training organizations teach only skills to become a better speaker. You know: “don’t say um, hold your hands like this…” The majority of the others focus on making the most amount of money humanly possible in the shortest period of time regardless of the sustainability or otherwise of the business model.

Having sampled personally the destructive nature of businesses with this focus, Joanna was committed to finding a better way. Just one of the many offerings under the Shift Lifestyle umbrella brand, Shift Speaker Training holds true to the Shift Mission:

Shift Lifestyles Mission Statement

An International Community of Speakers with a Purpose

Members of the Shift Speaker Training community now include:

Public speakers, coaches, consultants and trainers who know that standing in front of an audience is the quickest way to increase their profile and build sustainable wealth.

 Business owners looking for a new and accelerated way to grow their business without all the hassle.

People who have been to seminars in the past and thought “I wonder if I could do that?”

Teleseminar hosts who sell products or services over the phone and want to make more sales more often with more integrity.

Authors who want to sell more books. But are also smart enough to see the book alone won’t make them rich.

Anyone committed to building an Elegant Business Model™ into their business to make massive, passive income from their efforts.

Information and internet marketers who are preparing for and running seminars and training events and are committed to creating a significant profit from them.

A number of people who are seriously dedicated to improving their communication and presentation skills so that every time they open their mouth they make a lot of money!

In summary Shift Speaker Training is for anyone with a passion, a message and drive to make a difference. But who is committed to making a Life not just a Living from their chosen field.

We look forward to welcoming you as part of our international community.