Shift Speaker Training is a little different to most other speaker training organisations.  Let’s put it this way…

Whether you are a coach, speaker, consultant or solo-preneur you know that without clients, and without sales you have no business. With no business, you have no lifestyle and no freedom.  But nothing has the power to attract more clients and sales to your business faster than speaking on your topic.

However when most people hear the word “public speaking” they think of “giving a good talk”.  However, great speakers rarely make great money. Being able to deliver a good talk, and running a profitable business are two mutually exclusive skills.

So if you are here to learn how to give a wedding speech or deliver a polished talk- you have come to the wrong place.  There are plenty of other companies will help you with that.  We are dedicated to helping you to inspire action with your presentations, making profits from your passion and making an impact in people’s lives.

It is for this reason that the top names in the speaking industry in both Australia, UK and the USA seek Joanna Martin’s input to increase their speaking profits. (You can hear from them on our Success Stories Page)

At Shift Speaker Training we focus on:

  1. Effective Presentations that Inspire ACTION in Your Audience and Make You Big Money
  2. Elegant Business Models that mean you continue to Make Big Money even when you are not on stage
  3. Speaking Skills that Make You Memorable in Your Market Place

These are the cornerstones of any coaching, consulting or speaking business, and we provide the following resources to support you in implementing them in your business

  • Hundreds of Free Resources, blogs, and books available right Here on the Website
  • Powerfully Impactful Training Programs so You Can Get over Your Nerves and Put Together Stellar Presentations
  • Easy to Implement, Step-by-Step Mentoring Programs to Help you Build Your Business at Your Pace

Throughout these training resources you’ll find all the steps, resources, hints, tips and insider secrets you’ll need to shape your business into the profitable, successful fun enterprise you’ve always dreamed of.

About Our Founder: Dr Joanna Martin

Dr Joanna Martin is an internationally acclaimed speaker and sought-after educator who has taught over 60,000 people on three continents. She is one of the world’s most successful and inspirational speakers having taken her own speaking business from stand still to 7 figures, and two countries, in 12 months.

She started her working life as a medical doctor, then an actor before launching her career as a speaker.  She now runs what she calls “The Ultimate Lifestyle Business”.

Spend more than a moment with Joanna you will never forget her!  She is one of the most entertaining speakers in the field of entrepreneurialism and personal development.  She was trained at the prestigious “Actors Centre Australia”, where other alumni include Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.  And it is her odd mix of being intelligent enough to pull off first class honours in medicine combined with her irreverent performer’s attitude that make her presentations and interviews truly unique and life-changing. She brings a quirky and feminine approach to an industry dominated by men.

Joanna's corporate clients include ANZ Bank, Fairfax Publishing and eBay; and her speaking students include successful 7-figure speakers such as:

  • Peter Thomson
  • Mark Anastasi
  • Jonathan Jay
  • Kelly Oneil
  • Daryl Grant
  • Ben Angel
  • John Lee
  • Paul Avins
  • Caroline Marsh
  • Simon Coulson
  • Simon Zutshi

. . . and numerous other publicly recognised clients who prefer to keep their work with Joanna confidential.

Now based between London and Melbourne, through Shift Speaker Training she equips business owners with the systems, tools and models they need to build a 7-figure business through speaking.