“You need to get yourself there

Jennie ArmatoPlatform Superstar and Internet Marketer
Melbourne, Australia

“I’m Infinitely Grateful

Chris HowardI had the great pleasure of working with Dr. Joanna Martin for a couple of years within our business and I’m infinitely grateful for the positive impact Joey made in our business and how she helped us to grow and expand. She’s an incredible presenter with a tremendous amount of heart and anyone who has the opportunity to attend her trainings will be truly fortunate to do so.

– Christopher Howard, CEO
Christopher Howard Companies

“I got three million dollar ideas on Day 1!”

Rik Schnabel – NLP coach and trainer Melbourne, Australia


“£250,000 in sales in 60 minutes”

“Before learning the selling from the stage system, I was testing ideas blind. I had no model to follow to know where to refine my presentation. I didn’t know which pieces or elements would have the greatest impact on the results I was getting.

The key thing I learned was where to be placing most of my focus. Which elements to be testing and which elements were not so important to the final result.

And results. Well, I did £250,000 in sales in a 60 minute presentation on property investing to an internet marketing audience in June.

I would also add on a personal note, that Jo is very giving with her insights and with her desire to see us succeed. She recently recommended me to a promoter which has resulted in a new income channel for me.

Thanks Jo”

– Paul Elliott, Property Investing Speaker London, UK


“After the workshop, I made more in my one
day event than in an entire year of my business!”

Wendy Moore – Property Speaker and Information Marketer
Melbourne, Australia

“I got over my Public Speaking Fears”

Matt Pickstone -Internet Marketer
Hervey Bay, Australia

“$80,000 in 2 hours!”

Kelly O'Neil“I have had the opportunity to work with several speaker trainers. Lots of them had interesting things to say, but none of them helped me create the kinds of results in my business that Joanna Martin did.

In the first presentation I did after my training with Jo, I closed $80K in new business from the stage in 2 hours and got 14 new clients and it was easier than ever before!”

– Kelly O’Neil, Marketing Consultant’
Los Angeles, USA


“I can do anything now”

Gary Hall – Massage Therapist, Melbourne, Australia

“I’ve learnt so much”

Rhonda Campbell – Naturopath and Internet Marketer


“She has the X Factor!”

Zach Barfield“Simply put Joey is Fabulous. I have had the luxury of doing a number of trainings with her and can safely say that she is one of the best. Her presence and style are outstanding as is her educational knowledge. She truly has the X-factor, that takes people from good to great.

Through her trainings, I have taken my personal and professional life to a new level. My work has expanded and given me the ability to set up two new companies and battle through my MBA, without a previous degree. I am now currently, CEO of a company with an estimated value of some £20million. Thanks Joey, you are AWESOME!”

– Zach Barfield, Stuffed Animals Media London, UK

“I learnt to connect with my audience”

Barbara King – Lymphoma Survival Educator, Australia


“I made a real sale during an exercise”

John Anderson – Speaker and Copywriter, Melbourne, Australia


“I doubled my conversions”

Steve Baker – Speaker and Business Coach,

Queensland, Australia


“I am now able to sell my information products”

John McCarthy – Muscician and Information Marketer
Northern NSW, Australia


“I got over my fears on Day 1”

Michelle McCarthy -Cultural Awareness Advocate
Northern NSW, Australia


“I’ve never seen a speaker more genuine than Joanna”

Mark Ottobre -Speaker and Personal Trainer Melbourne, Australia


“I’ve learnt at least $100K in value”

Martin Urban – Corporate Trainer Melbourne, Australia


“I was astounded at the quality of the content!”

Paul Godden – Information Media Production Byron Bay, Australia


“Booked my first 2 workshops within
48 hours of completing your workshop”

Annette Welsford – Internet Marketer Brisbane, Australia

“ I am now speaking on the stage of one of
the biggest seminar companies in Australia”

Aaron Parsons – Speaker and Coach on Entrepreneurialism,
Queensland, Australia

“Joey is One of The Best I’ve Worked with”

Chris Lorenz – AV Producer  Melbourne, Australia