How To Approach Promoters To Get Your 1st Speaking Gig

Fundamentally speaking gigs come down to relationships Do you have a relationship with the promoter and if you don’t, how do you quickly and effectively build a relationship with someone who holds events?A certain degree depends on the kind of events you’re looking to speak at, but here’s my full-proof list to creating the kind […]

How To Find More Speaking Gigs

The question I get asked more frequently than any other is how do I get gigs. It’s actually one of those interesting things because it often feels like it’s the busy speakers who seem to get all of the opportunities but for those starting out it can feel really difficult to break into. For me […]

10 Keys To Creating A No-Brainer Offer From Stage

A good friend of mine recently had the amazing opportunity to speak in front of 3,000 people at a multi-speaking event in Brighton. The seminar was being run by award winning entrepreneur, Andrew Reynolds, and as you can imagine, Shaa Wasmund was incredibly excited by this chance but also didn’t want to mess it up […]

3 Ways to Maximise Every Presentation You Do

As a speaker trainer I often have people come to me and ask me how they can use speaking to transform their results. But I don’t usually hand out advice in the hairdressers! So there I was getting my usual cut and colour the other day when I couldn’t help but overhear the lady in […]

Why I stopped Speaker Training for 3 years

First I want to start with a thank you. A huge thank you for your support… This time 3 years ago I was running my final Presentation Profits Intensive for the foreseeable future. It’s our flagship, transformational event on the business of speaking. At that time, Greg and I had been trying to have a […]

3 Ways You Can Use Speaking To Fill Your Coaching Practice

Public speaking is a quick, easy and effective way to attract more clients and to build your coaching practice. If you have something unique, special and helpful for an audience then create a presentation and look for opportunities to share that information. It might be networking events, it might be industry specific events, it might […]