Fundamentally speaking gigs come down to relationships

Do you have a relationship with the promoter and if you don’t, how do you quickly and effectively build a relationship with someone who holds events?
A certain degree depends on the kind of events you’re looking to speak at, but here’s my full-proof list to creating the kind of relationships which get you speaking gigs.

1. Make a list of 100 places where you could speak

2.  Look at that list.

Is there someone you know who could offer you a warm introduction to anyone on this list? Do you know someone who knows these people?

Getting speaking gigs is way more effective when done on referral, as opposed to you simply putting yourself forward. Sometimes all you need is one warm introduction to the right person and you’re off. Get that lead, do the best presentation you can and make sure there’s someone in the room who can invite you to future speaking gigs. In other words, utilise that first speaking gig as powerfully as you can to then breed more events.

3. If you can’t get a warm intro then check who the promoter or head of the network is, and find out more about them.

What is their expert area? What do they offer their community? Then ask if you can interview them so you can show off their expertise to your community. Even if it’s just for a blog post or a short interview, you can build a relationship by asking them to share their knowledge.

Most people in the events game are looking to expand their network so it’s always a really good idea to give before you ask. Then after you’ve done the interview and shown them off to your audience they’re going to be curious about you and nine times out of ten, they’ll want to interview you for their community or some such.

Basically, by making it about them – it opens the door a little bit for you too.

Getting to know promoters doesn’t have to be hard. The trick is to go in there either with a referral or making it about them. After that, it’s about you maximising every speaking opportunity that you do get so you can build and grow your speaking business so after that the promoter comes to you!

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