Welcome to the Challenge Day 4!

Here we are at day 4, and the participation is extraordinary.  Thanks for the wonderful comments you’re leaving.  It makes it exciting for me to pop in and film each day’s video when I know I’m “lighting a fire in your belly” as Dawn Fry so beautifully put it.

One of the biggest mistakes I see speaker’s making consistently is not investing enough time and energy in building the relationships that will allow them to get BOOKED.  Its not enough to be good on stage- people need to know what you do.  And the only way I’ve ever really seen to work consistently  to get those first few gigs is:

1. Having a relationships with a promoter (they LIKE and ADMIRE you)

2. Being recommended to a promoter (they LIKE and ADMIRE your friend or client who refers you)

Discover 2 of the key pillars you need to be developing to become attractive to event planners and promoters. And I’ll reveal my 5-step process for getting bookings.

Your Project For Today

1. Write down your target market

2. Where are they congregating in groups (brainstorm 50 places)

3. Create a plan to build trust and relationship with the people organising those events.

The Competition

We’ve already received a couple of entries for our competition where you can wil over $244 worth of great prizes including:

A signed copy of my brand new book “The Presentation Profits Blueprint”

2 Free Tickets to my 1-day Training “Presentation Secrets”. It will be held around Australia in March and London in May.  Here are the dates. You can see more details on the webiste here.

Australian Dates: are on sale now!
• Perth – 6th March
• Melbourne – 9th March
• Brisbane – 12th March
• Adelaide – 19th March
• Sydney – 21st March

UK Dates: not on sale until 15th March 2012 (so just put the date in your diary and get your video up to win your place)
• London #1 – 11th May
• London #2 = 12th May
• London #3 – 25th May

I’ll be announcing the winner on the 5th of March- so I look forward to seeing your responses! All you have to do is film your response to what you’re learning in the challenge, post it to youtube with a link here on the blog… and I’ll give my favourite entry the prize!

Have a great weekend!


6 Responses to “Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 4- Getting Speaking Engagements”

  1. 2 words. PERFECT TIMING. Thank you for the reminders and the simple way in which they are shared. They could not have come at a better time in business than now. And if I could work out a few technical challenges, I would post the video so stay tuned ;o)

  2. Hi Joanna.
    I’m definitely having a hard time with finding were my lot congregate. My Mindset Breakthrough clients (much like life coaching clients I suppose) are a diverse bunch, except they do share one thing in common – they are examples of pro-positive, glass-half-full sort of people. But where do they congregate ??

    Perhaps pro-positive magazines?? My brain appears stuck in a box for the minute. Any suggestions

  3. Peter- the reason you have trouble finding where they congregate is because your niche isn’t a niche. Its a bunch of diverse people. If you taught mindset secrets to (a) Job hunters (b) Pain sufferers (c) Infertile women (d) Stock traders (e) … blah blah blah. You get the idea. If you want a profitable personal development business teaching mindset you MUST niche tighter. Even Tony Robbins did. He started with phobias. Tighten up that niche.

  4. OK, thanks Joanna.
    Most of my clients present with issues either during or after a relationship, so that will be a good avenue to investigate. All the best with your final tour.

  5. Hannah Austin

    You can see from this article on your blog that you’re really working on your voice, and you’re working on your speech. I don’t really like my voice on recordings, because I don’t think it’s very good. By the way, I have to listen to it often, because I record all my conferences in zoom with https://www.movavi.com/screen-recorder-mac/ on my mac, and then I listen again in order to record the main points of the meeting and make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

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