Welcome to the Challenge.

And a big thanks to everyone who is commenting so I don’t feel like a goose doing this for no reason!  When I asked on Facebook whether I should go ahead and do all this free training I had nearly 106 people (in various forums) say “Yes please, count me in!” So I’m grateful that people are chatting back to me now.  It was getting lonely there for a minute!

So- to today’s video.  In response to Gareth, Rebecca, Alison and many others who have said that one of their biggest challenges in their business is “Clarity on the Message” I filmed this little piece for you.

Newbies and Seasoned Pros alike miss this crucial piece.  And the shame of it all is that this is the Foundational Stone upon which your entire business is based.  I go into lots more detail in my book- The Presentation Profits Blueprint (get a free chapter here) but there’s a handsome intoriduction to the concept in this video.

Your 5 Minute Project for Today

(Yes- you could have clarity on your message within the next 5 minutes if you’re ready to be decisive.)

Take pen in hand and answer the following questions:

1. What are you passionate about?

2. Who are your target market? (when it comes to choosing a target market think “inch wide, mile deep” as my marketing coach Mal Emery used to tell me.  “Everyone who wants to change their life” is not a target market- and will keep you broke!!)

3. What is your target market’s biggest problem?

Once you have answered these questions you can articulate your “Promise”: the founding stone upon which you base your whole business.  Some examples:

“You know how menopausal women suffer endlessly with hot flushes, mood swings and all of the other rubbish? Well what we do is show women how to not just survive, but thrive through menopause WITHOUT drugs” Dr Maura McGill

“You know how most speakers a great on stage but rubbish when it comes to making money?  Well what we do is show speaker’s the step-by-step to making 6 or event 7-figures a year as a professional speaker.” Shift Speaker Training

“You know how much information there is out there about making money online, it can be quite overwhelming.  Well what I do is show people how they can get started making money online with simple down-to-earth advice” Yaro Starak

Write your comments and questions below

If you’ve articulated your promise- your core message- post it below for feedback and support from others.  If not, share where you’re up to and we’ll see if we can help!

See you tomorrow!


PS Remember the Competition: on the 5th of March I’ll be reviewing the video responses to the Challenge.  All you need to do is shoot a short 2 minute video on what you’ve got, or what you’re up to.  I’ll choose my favourite and the winner will receive 2 FREE TICKETS to my Presentation Secrets Event in London or Australia (you can see the details here); plus a signed copy of my new book which I’ll be launching in March.  Good luck!

11 Responses to “Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 3 Clarity on Your Message”

  1. Joanna – really getting so much from these tutorials, thank you. I have drafted my promise:
    “You know how most businesses are terrible at customer service? Well I show UK business owners how to create an outstanding ‘customer experience’ that will make their customers stick, keep on buying and share their love of your business to others!”
    My issue is how to niche this concept – there are so many UK businesses that are truly terrible at customer service – do you have any top tips for making this more specific please?

  2. Hey Dawn! What a great promise. can I make a suggestion to make it stick even better… perhaps you could drill down to a particular INDUSTRY of businesses. Look at your client. Find the 20% of them that pay you 80% of your fees. What industry are they in?

  3. You have lit a fire in my belly, so in eagerness I have recorded a video as entry to your fab competition (now I think I may be a bit early here, as there is so much more to learn, so I strongly suspect that I could do much better 10 days down the line – but I figured that I should just go for it – so here it is – hope you enjoy!)

    Dawn Fry – Customer Experience Champion

  4. thank you.. great lead up to the training in March.. gaining clarity and cant wait to post my video.
    Understanding my niche l am breaking it down to –
    choices for teenagers
    choices for mums
    choices for small business
    choices for the married couple
    or should l only stick with one and slow down the ‘big thinking’ ..
    thanks again.

  5. Hi leanne,
    When choosing should you focus, or move forward many areas at once, I always ask- are you making good money now? If the answer is yes and you can get pay for support to help you, then you can afford to focus on a couple of projects.

    If not- pick one, and put the rest in the ideas book. Know that the business will GROW into all of these things- but create attraction and a good income in one, then you can do what my mentor Ed Dale calls “The Pivot” – and branch into other areas.
    Hope that helps.

  6. HI Joanna, thanks for another great video! How does this sound for a promise: “You know how 15-25 years olds have all these brilliant ideas about what they would love to do with their life, but rarely get a chance to actually do it? Well what we do is equip these youth with all the tools they need in order to create, build and sustain their own business, so that they can do whatever the heck they want – for life.”

  7. Hi Deb,

    I think that sounds like a greta promise. Who is funding you? Sales to the youth (i.e. their parents) or governments?

  8. Thanks Joanna! Shall be funded by 2 main sources: a percentage of business profits generated from their individual ventures plus sales of workshops and coaching during the year (which will either come from them or their parents depending on the age/situation). Still working out the details admittedly as we’re not even 2-months old!

  9. Hi Deb- great. Be aware that the “double-sale” can be tough. You have to sell the kids, and the parents. You might like to connect with Heather Yelland who is successfully about to launch Supercamp for kids in Australia. I bet she’s learned some great things she could share. Look her up on Facebook.

  10. Hi Joanna,

    So used to receiving email responses that I forgot to check your blog (so I’m a bit behind the 8 ball for the moment). Anyhow, I’m one of those thousands passionate about personal development and my skill set and passion is personal breakthrough sessions. Here’s what I have for you to critique.

    “You know how even those people with a positive mindset can still find themselves stuck? Well, the MindWyse® System delivers the 7 Steps to Mindset Breakthrough that lets you pinpoint what to change, eliminate your problems, and get a complete Holistic Mindset Makeover that supports your positive state of attraction in just hours not months.”


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