How to Choose a Good Topic

How do you choose a topic that people are hungry for? Most people have something they are passionate about or they have a feeling of injustice or need. The problem is that you have to match your passion with the market What is your passion? What are people interested in? Who do you want to […]

Scarcity: Making It Work For You

This week’s BTS tip comes from our General Manager, Donna Powell. Scarcity creates incentive to buy Reward fast action takers Be clear on your system to your audience and your crew

Seminar Room Dynamics

There is a secret to understanding the elements of running an event room Most people think the only important thing is content There is so much more Far more important than content is the participant experience There are three key elements to running a successful room The Speaker and content The space – the seminar […]

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Public Speakers Make . . . And How YOU Can Avoid Them!

Mistake # 1 – Not Selling Your message alone is not enough to inspire people to buy your products and services.  Not giving a sales pitch to your audience is doing them a disservice. In order to make a real difference in someone’s life, you must give them the opportunity for an ongoing education.  If […]

The 4 Key Questions To Ask Yourself When Creating Systems In Your Business

This week’s BTS tip come from the delightful Donna Powell -our very own General Manager. Systems are the foundations of your business. Everyone in your business needs to use the same system. Ask yourself what is your outcome, i.e., is it to save time? What are the steps you want your people to follow to […]

Google Insights Tips From Your Online Success

This week’s BTS tip comes from website guru, Vanessa Rothwell and it’s a tip everyone who has an online business should know – how to optimize your website on the internet and make sure it gets thousands of hits! By Vanessa Rothwell