Welcome to the Challenge Day 11.

OK- one of the biggest mistakes speakers make is omitting the importance of creating a ‘signature system’.  No matter how inspiring or entertaining your story is, you’ll always be trapped as a fee for speech speaker with no passive income unless you take your knowledge and experience and create a system from it.

In this video I discuss:

  • Why your story is good, but not good enough
  • What is a Signature System and who has them?
  • The simple 3 steps to creating a signature system

Today’s Project

Grab some posit notes – the creator’s best friend!

  1. Ask yourself what is the RESULT my ideal client wants or needs, that I believe I can get them.
  2. Brainstorm all the information, stories and tools you could tracy them to get them that results (put each one on a separate posit note)
  3. Arrange the posits into a maximum of 7 steps, categories, pillars, habits etc…  You could even use mnemonics to make them easy to remember
  4. Get creative about how you could deliver your system as per suggestions in the video!

Write your comments and questions below

Share your system here if you have one for feedback.  If not- what ideas have you had?

2 Days to Enter the Competition.

WHAT’S THE PRIZE? A signed copy of my brand new book the Presentation Profits Blueprint, and 2 tickets to our 1-day Jam-Packed Training Event: Presentation Secrets (in Australia 6-21st March & in London 11th-26th of May). The value of this price is over $224. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO?: Simple- just participate in the Challenge. And BY 11:59 PM ON SUNDAY THE 4TH OF MARCH, film a response. Tell us how you’re doing, what you’re implementing, what results you’re hoping for. Put a comment here on the blog with a link to your video on youtube. I’ll be picking the winner before the final video on day 14.   You have to be in it to win it!



PS Dates for Upcoming Events are Selling Out fast Now

You can see more details on the webiste here.

Australian Dates: are on sale now!
• Perth – 6th March
• Melbourne – 9th March
• Brisbane – 12th March
• Adelaide – 19th March
• Sydney – 21st March

UK Dates: not on sale until 15th March 2012 (so just put the date in your diary and get your video up to win your place)
• London #1 – 11th May
• London #2 = 12th May
• London #3 – 25th May




One Response to “Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 11 – Create Your Signature System”

  1. Joanna – the most powerful statement for me from this video is the reason that I’m compelled to tell my story about being fantastic for our customers is that there are people out there waiting to hear my version of this message – for me to articulate my ‘spin’ on creating a WOW customer experience. That’s really spoken to me today! Thank you so much!

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