Welcome to Day #1 of the 14-day Speakers Challenge.

Over the next 14 days I will post a video almost every day to share with you the 10 simple strategies which if you’re doing them, you’re business will keep consistently growing. You see there’s really only 10 things you need to be doing. Keep doing a little bit of them every week and you’re business will break through its current ceiling .

We are ALSO hosting a competition.

PRIZE: A signed copy of my brand new book the Presentation Profits Blueprint, and 2 tickets to our 1-day Jam-Packed Training Event: Presentaiton Secrets (in Australia 6-21st March & in London 11th-26th of May). The value of this price is over $224. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO?: Simple- just participate in the Challenge. And after any of the videos, film a response. Tell us how you’re doing, what you’re implementing, what results you’re hoping for. Put a comment here on the blog with a link to your video on youtube. So lets blast you through the ceiling of that business!

Today’s Project:

What is your intention for the Challenge? What difficulties are you having in your business? Where do you want to be? Please post your responses to today’s project below this post. Oh- and of course, feel free to share the Challenge with all your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.  (Just by clicking on the links below the post) The more the merrier right!?

30 Responses to “Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge Day #1”

  1. Great timing as always. What’s our challenge ? Getting our message clear and communicating the value to people, and getting the message out there more (or putting bums on seats) Thank you and looking forward to the next video. The barrier – sharing the message more.

  2. Hi Gareth- well the challenge is breaking through whatever is holding you at your ceiling. So what is that? Is it getting bums on seats? Or getting clear ou your message? Whats the biggest issue for you?

  3. Q: What is your intention for the next 14 days?
    Answer: Gain practical tools that I can apply to aid my business in going to the next level.
    Q: What challenges are you having in your business?
    Getting access to a wider net of leads. I know speaking at other people’s events would be a valuable way to share my message and increase the number of new leads, but I am unsure what points to hit in my speaker notes. I have a fear that if I get the notes to organisers ‘wrong’, I’ll miss the opportunity to get in front of a new audience for good.

  4. Hi Joey,

    My intention is to be very clear and succinct on my key message, and deciding whether to have one message to share with one audience, or to develop modified versions of that key message for a variety of audiences.

    The lack of clarity on my key message is holding me back as I can’t imagine approaching promoters/groups and asking them to let me speak on their stage without knowing exactly why my message is going to be valuable to their audience.

  5. Rebecca- what specifically do you mean by “Speakers Notes”? People all mean different things! Theres a whole new approach to getting gigs which we’ll be sharing here- so stay tuned.

  6. Alisson- we will talk about clarity of key message. I call this promise. Make sure you keep in touch. What area are you in? Who are your audience?

  7. Hi Joanna

    My intention is to find clarity of key message in a nutshell and bums on seats – like many others!

  8. Hi Jo,
    Fantastic timing!! I am currently designing my new trainings to be presented via workshops/webinars. I also have several workshops in the coming weeks, so this will assist enormously. Looking forward to learning more.
    What is your intention for the Challenge? To gain greater insights & understanding of how to create & present a workshop that attracts, sells & inspires
    What difficulties are you having in your business? Marketing/Certainty
    Where do you want to be? Presenting workshops with ease on a regular basis and developing a wonderful network of business.

  9. Hi Joanna,
    I am just beginning to set a business in workshop training. My intention is to present workshops with high energy and impact to inspire, celebrate and elevate my clients.
    My element to overcome is keeping focus, how to stay focused on my plans and go forward to achieve them.
    Looking forward to learning lots from you and meeting you on 6th March.

  10. Hi Joey – I do mean getting gigs. Thank you simplifying my message! I look forward to learning about the “whole new approach”.

  11. My challenge is to grow my business so more people come and see me, and find more leads for speaking gigs.

  12. Hi Joey

    I do a presentation, as a marketing exercise, in which I paint a watercolour and use the unfolding scene as a metaphor for good business practice.
    There is quite a bit of technology and technique and the process is a little terrifying – but it is just brilliant when it comes together.

    I would like to turn this into an income generating offer.
    That would be fun I think..

    You are an inspiration to me in this so I look forward to what you have on the challenge…

  13. Hi Joey,
    Fantastic challenge! I need to a) get more bums on seats b) get people to part with cash as a result of hearing the presentation c) make my training workshops more inspirational
    Thanks so much for your input and content! Looking forward to the next steps!

  14. What a fantastic idea. 14 days of super valuable content to iron out mistakes that a speaker commonly makes. Joanna has so much to offer as a speaker trainer. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the videos. Sam

  15. My how the Universe ALWAYS sends things your way at the right time, as a coach and now an author of a book to be published in the summer of 2012 I am looking to increase my portfolio to include speaking at events. I already run workshops and empowerment events but I am guessing this programme will give me what I am looking for to take my message out to bigger audiences.
    I have written the book, ‘Made it Thru the Rain’ to share my personal journey through depression and to assure people who are in a similar situation they are not alone, therefore my intention is to spread the word, to talk about depression in a positive way and to encourage a better understanding of it and release its stigma! Thank you for your timing Joanna….

  16. My challenge is to clarify what my message is, what my purpose is, how can best make an impact on people’s lives.

  17. Something in my heart said do it- and so many people have said the timing is perfect! Very exciting. I love your story! Brilliant.

  18. What is your intention for the Challenge?
    To learn lots of strategies to build a firm foundation for my business.

    What difficulties are you having in your business?
    With the first ground being broken to establish the business – my main hurdle is to reach out to a market that is not really used to working with support.
    Small steps – Consistent steps will not only build their confidence in their own abilities, but in mine as well.

    Where do you want to be?
    Right Now – Interviewing and presenting some brilliant business owners to the baby and children’s market place.
    To build my membership site (launching in March) which provides Podcasts, Videos, Programs and resources to support this niche.
    All these mediums will help to establish my reputation as a reliable and generous source – which will lead to speaking engagements to larger numbers (firstly at industry events and then at my own hosted events).
    I aim to hold my own events within 4-5 years.

  19. Hi Marina- that sounds great.; What exactly do you do?
    Have you looked at the day 3 video yet of “Clarity on Your Message?” I suggest watching that because that will help with moving forward.

  20. Hi Joanna,
    I am creating all kins of products but as one of your other commentors said, I need to find the clients to come to the workshops and get money in the bank.

  21. hi Linky- who are your target audience? You need to et clear on that before you can get them in a room.

  22. Hi Joanna

    OK this is late for the challenge but the first few postings really galvanised my action cell. The video took longer to prepare and shoot than I had planned. But it was a great little project. And I present this here in support of this great initiative.

    Thanks a stack.

    My video is at: http://youtu.be/lUaEPi3-gmU

    The whole thing can be cleaned up a little more but it is a great start.

    Cheers hey


  23. Thanks so much Stephen for your belated post. Still great to hear from you!!

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