Day#2 of Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge!

I’ve been reviewing some presentations for one of my 1-1 clients over the last couple of days (these are the guys that pay me AUD$15,000/ GBP £7500 a day for input).  And do you know what I’m noticing.  What holds these talented and successful speakers back is exactly the same thing that stops newbies from even beginning.

To find out what it is watch today’s video.

Your 5 minute project for today is this:

Grab a pen and paper and without thinking, answer the following questions:

1. What is the difference you want to make in the world?

2. Write 20 reasons why you absolutely MUST make that difference

3. Write 20 reasons why you absolutely DESERVE to be rewarded financially for the difference you make.

Please share your insights below the video.

(Just click on comments and you can leave a response).

And if you want to win 2 free tickets to Presentation Secrets (in Australia or the UK), plus a signed copy of my soon to be released book- The Presentation Profits blueprint: Just film a short video sharing what you’ve learned, or what action your taking. Post a comment here to the blog with a link to your video- and on the 5th of March we’ll choose the best!

What are your thoughts on today’s Challenge?

(Oh and please feel free to share this with your friends of course!)

11 Responses to “Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 2 with Joanna Martin”

  1. Hi Joanna,

    I just listened to your challenge and will share my present challenge in my business. I am shifting my branding and design business to incorporate B1G1 (Buy1-Give1), which gives 100% to 680 causes through their growing partnership with SME’s like me who are seeking fulfillment and a way to give back. Being small doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. They’re embedding giving and purpose into everyday business activities. Imagine if every time I had a brochure printed for a client, I also gave a tree to be planted in Sumatra to save the dwindling environment of the arragatans.
    My only problem is I’ve never really had experience in motivational speaking!

  2. Hi Nancy- if the problem is no experience- then you’re in the right place. You have a brilliant idea there. Now all you need to do is structure it in the right way and get out there. Over the next 12 more days I’ll share with you how to do that. Stay tuned. Jo

  3. My first goal is to have organized my first workshop this year and have at least 30 bums on seats that convert at least 5 of them into the higher end program that I am offering on the day. My aim is to change the small business owners mindset when it comes to sales and make it easier for them to grow their business by sharing my experience and skill about on how to use communication and mindset strategies to achieve more out of their business.

  4. Thanks for this input Joanna – nice insight – I never surf accounting, millinery or carpentry sites – but your notes on presentations make something in me hum –
    And this is not for nought – Looking forward to your next installment. Stephen

  5. Forever grateful for this challenge and the timing…. of course we attract all that we need at the right time.
    The difference l want to make is educating globally on the importance of CHOICE..
    “The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice”
    Are we conscious of the choices we make…? Choices in Business, choices in life, even my blueprint choices for teenagers; an education program l want to implement into schools.. Looking forward to meeting you in Perth next month
    Time to complete my challenges and make a video.
    Many thanks. x

  6. Fabulous Challenge and smashing prizes… I am looking forward to watching and responding to all your videos!!! My mission in the world is to bring the gift of amazing, magnificent relationships to all. My story is unique and has been a real roller coaster, but I’ll save that for another video! I simply must make this difference because it is such a joy once you find out that heaven is right here on earth and peace is possible within each of our hearts. I want everyone to know that experience alike I have. I deserve to be rewarded financially for this because I will be wise with my money, I have learned many money lessons, including how to be wealthy without cash. I deserve to be able to look after my family and I myself and live an abundant life… Thank you for creating this amazing journey for us Joanna.. xxx

  7. Hi Juliette. Thanks for your comments! I think the prizes are smashing too! 😉 Your mission sounds so inspiring. Your going to love the Day 3 video which will help you get Clarity on the Message.

  8. Thanks for today’s message Joanna. You got me at ‘heart’! Seriously, totally resonating with the heart versus head battle. I’ve done enough speaking to know that I can do it, and do it well – but my biggest fight happens when I start doing it with a message that is my own. Very happy to plug other people’s stuff but feel really awkward when I try to do it for myself and even more so, when it comes to monetizing it. Look forward to challenging myself on that over the next 12-days.

  9. Deb- you are so going to love video 3 which is all about getting that core message (I call it a promise). Let me know what you think. no- let me know what you FEEL in your HEART!! 😉

  10. Hey Stephen… glad to have you here then! Look forward to hearing your thoughts over the next few days!

  11. Hi Joanna,

    This is a lesson that took me a while to learn. While I was concentrating on making money, there was a lot of striving and little success. However, once my focus shifted to ‘making a difference’ the opportunities have started coming. I haven’t arrived at where I want to go yet – but I am on my way!

    Thanks for the great teaching in all the challenges. This challenge has inspired me to add my video response at –

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