Are You Waiting For Your Success Path To Become Visible?

Do you follow other successful people on social media, look at what they have and wish you could have the same? You see their rise to fame and wish it would happen to you that ‘fast’ and you want more of what they have… you want their luck and you want it now! The problem […]

The Importance Of Bringing Your Passion To The Stage

The importance of bringing your passion to the stage is probably the most powerful piece of advice I can give to you as a speaker.  You should always try to speak from the heart and connect with the audience in a heartfelt way. When you bring your heart into your speaking, it follows that your […]

Speaking With Impact: Using Statistics In Your Presentation

The most important presentation skill that you need in your toolkit is the ability to deliver “effective presentations”. Effective presentations don’t just educate and inform, but involve, inspire and move people to take action. A core element of moving people to take action is being able to prove and back up your core points and […]

Planning Your Event: Why You Must Have A Rockstar Introduction!

As a speaker, the success of your gig doesn’t just come down to your presentation… the audience experience begins before you even step on the stage! So, when you’re planning your event, don’t forget to also give consideration to who will be introducing you… your MC… what they say matters too! Although introducing a speaker seems very […]

Defining Your Core Promise And Speaker Identity

The first step towards becoming a successful speaker is to determine your speaker identity… you know, the thing that makes you different… your USP. Your speaker identity is made up of your; Story Title Hook Angle Brand Once you have defined your speaker identity, you can go on to take the next step… determining your […]

How to run your own webinar – Part 2 | On The Day

In my last blog post I shared tips for setting up and marketing your webinar. In this final part of the webinar blog series I want to share some of the lessons I have learned about running the event on the day itself. If you’ve attended my one day Presentation Secrets event you’ll know I […]