The first step towards becoming a successful speaker is to determine your speaker identity… you know,
the thing that makes you different… your USP.

Your speaker identity
is made up of your;

  • Story
  • Title
  • Hook
  • Angle
  • Brand

Once you have defined
your speaker identity, you can go on to take the next step… determining your core

Your promise is the core reason your business exists.  It is a statement you make of who you are,
what you do and how you do it.  

I’m sure you will
have heard of elevator pitches before? Well, your core promise is your mini
elevator pitch… it should be able to be delivered in less than 10 seconds, but
be conversational in style.

Your core promise is
made up of;

  • Your Identity
  • Your Niche
  • The biggest problem,
    or pain that your niche audience are suffering
  • How you and your
    topic as a speaker solve that problem/pain for them

For example, my
promise for my Shift Speaker Training business is;

“You know how most speakers are great at
giving a speech, but are struggling financially?” Well,
what we do is show them how to make over a million dollars a year from their

So to relate my
promise back to the individual aspects of your core promise that I talked about

My niche = most

The biggest problem
my niche audience are suffering = struggling financially

How I solve their
problem based on my speaking identity = showing them how to make over a million
dollars a year from their passion.

Does that make sense?

So, if you haven’t
already figured out your own speaker identity and core promise, I invite you to
spend some time over the next few weeks getting both of them nailed down.

  1. Come up with a hook,
    angle, title and brand based on your story.
  2. Find out from your
    niche what is their biggest problem?
  3. Create a promise that
    solves that problem.
  4. Formulate your
    promise so that it can be easily and powerfully communicated in less than 10

Using these phrases to put your core promise
together in simple terms, will help you to get clarity around your thinking;

“You know how…”
“Well what we do

Start by figuring out your speaker identity to
determine what you will represent… then set down your core promise. Once you
have these in place you will be much closer to matching your market’s needs and
being an amazing and memorable public speaker.

Make 2013 the year you step up to your vision… when you not
only get paid to speak, but to build passive income so that you can live the
ultimate lifestyle and enjoy the freedom to do whatever you want, from anywhere
in the world you want to do it…

Imagine your new life when you’ve
achieved all this . . . and take action now to get started on your journey.

4 Responses to “Defining Your Core Promise And Speaker Identity”

  1. Thanks, Joanna. It’s always great to remind ourselves with our core promise – reasons why we do what we do and how it serves humanity through serving individuals or communities. That’s what I found missing in my previous “corporate” life. The company had a vision and I understand and shared it but when I thought about it as a purpose that serves the humanity and is helping people, I had to ask myself: Is this what my own life purpose resonates with? Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and wish you all the best for 2013.

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