Do you follow other successful people on social media, look at what they have and wish you could have the same? You see their rise to fame and wish it would happen to you that ‘fast’ and you want more of what they have… you want their luck and you want it now!

The problem is you are only looking at their success from the outside. You see the end result of their hard work and want that for yourself, without seeing the years of effort and hard work they’ve previously put in.

You don’t always see the detours and obstacles they faced, or the timescales involved.

They’ll often share their starting point, to demonstrate why they decided to go down the route they’ve chosen and you probably get inspired by that. But what you hope for is a map of the exact steps; a nice neat straight line from A to B, so you can see the entire journey.

Unfortunately, success isn’t like that! We’ll each have our own detours and obstacles to face that will take us on the windiest of paths. And if you’re waiting for the entire path to be visible to you, prior to starting your journey… you’re going to still be waiting five years down the line.

So what can you do about this? How can you make your success journey a little less foggy and the path a little less windy?

Start from where you are. Your ideal starting place is here, right now and from where you are currently standing. Make a decision to start today.

Do everything you can with what you have available. Make a decision to utilise whatever you have available to you. It would be nice to have x, y and z… but what do you have that you can use instead?

Stop waiting for your success path to become visible to you!
Just get clear on what your next step is and take that step. Complete the action needed to move you onto the next step… then rinse and repeat!

And finally, trust yourself. Make decisions based on your highest good – what feels right for you at this moment in time… and be the best version of you that you can be at this (and every) moment.

Are you delaying moving forward until your success path is visible to you? What action step will you take today, to get you moving forward? Do you have a story about your own success that will help others during their journey? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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