Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 2 with Joanna Martin

  Day#2 of Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge! I’ve been reviewing some presentations for one of my 1-1 clients over the last couple of days (these are the guys that pay me AUD$15,000/ GBP £7500 a day for input).  And do you know what I’m noticing.  What holds these talented and successful speakers back is exactly the […]

The Secret of Success Stories In Your Presentation

There’s nothing more influential than hearing how someone else has become successful to inspire people to action during your presentation. If you had to include ONE presentation skill into your next presentation, make it this one! The key benefits of using success stories are: They hammer home your credibility. They convince your audience that you […]

How To Communicate With Your Team In 4 Easy Steps

This Article comes to you courtesy of Donna Powell In the previous video tip I talked about external communication – with customers and suppliers. Equally important is how you communicate within your organization, i.e, with your team members or your staff. Starting OutWhen you first start building your business you’ll probably be a one-man (or […]

How To Achieve A BIG Goal Easily And Effortlessly

Setting a BIG goal such as starting a new business, writing a book, running a marathon, putting on your first 1-day or 3-day speaking event is always exciting.  But carrying out that goal and seeing it through to its successful conclusion is the real test. Big goals tend to involve big challenges.  It’s what makes […]

The Power Of Ritual – 6 Golden Rules

I know some speakers who are extraordinarily superstitious.  So how important is ritual? Ritual has its rightful place in the speaking business.  Stepping onto stage requires courage, preparation and calm.  So getting into the right mental and physical state becomes a ritual.  Here are 6 of my rituals which I always use before I speak. […]

Presentation Skills: The Art of Public Speaking

Public speaking is full of people making basic mistakes.  Luckily, you don’t have to be one of them!  Now you’ve successfully ‘opened’ your presentation, here’s how to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes people make when they start getting into public speaking – and selling from stage.  This article is a great refresher for both experienced […]