How To Grow Your List Through Speaking

There are times when you aren’t able to sell from stage… and often I hear from clients who fear that the gig may not be worth their time if they are unable to generate any income from it. Of course, the lifeblood of your business is sales… but to make more sales, you need to […]

Why It Pays To Overcome YOUR Fear Of Public Speaking

A fear of public speaking is believed to be the single most common phobia and affects as much as 75% of the population.  This means if you have some ‘stuff’ about being on stage and having the spotlight focused brightly on you . . .  you are not alone. And… do you know, even the […]

Defining Your Core Promise And Speaker Identity

The first step towards becoming a successful speaker is to determine your speaker identity… you know, the thing that makes you different… your USP. Your speaker identity is made up of your; Story Title Hook Angle Brand Once you have defined your speaker identity, you can go on to take the next step… determining your […]

Should You Accept Every Speaking Gig You Are Offered?

Recently these similar two questions have been asked of me by several of my clients… so I thought I’d answer the questions here where you can all benefit from my responses; Question #1: “Jo, I’ve been offered a speaking gig several hours away, should I accept it?” and Question #2: “ I’ve been offered a speaking gig […]

Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 3 Clarity on Your Message

Welcome to the Challenge. And a big thanks to everyone who is commenting so I don’t feel like a goose doing this for no reason!  When I asked on Facebook whether I should go ahead and do all this free training I had nearly 106 people (in various forums) say “Yes please, count me in!” […]

Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 2 with Joanna Martin

  Day#2 of Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge! I’ve been reviewing some presentations for one of my 1-1 clients over the last couple of days (these are the guys that pay me AUD$15,000/ GBP £7500 a day for input).  And do you know what I’m noticing.  What holds these talented and successful speakers back is exactly the […]