Growing A Business: How Speaking Can Grow Your Business

Did you know that speaking is the most powerful lead generation tool you can use to grow your business? Number One Business Growth Strategy…  Use This And Watch Your Profits Explode! Speaking on stage is not just about turning up, making a speech and getting paid for it.  This is old school.  The kind of […]

Tips For Public Speaking: How To Be Authentic on Stage

I often get asked for tips on public speaking.  Often, people think there is some kind of science or formula to being on stage.  But the truth to being a successful public speaker is much simpler than that. Listen very carefully . . .. . . . All you need to do is . . […]

How to Get Speaking Gigs

Who are your Target Market? – Describe them Demographically Where do these people gather in groups? Attend the functions you would like to speak at. Build a Relationship with the event promoter

Where Does All The Money Go? How to Manage The Cash Flow in Your Business

It seems there’s a lot of you out there hungry to know how platform speaking can skyrocket your profits. So, let’s look at how to manage your money  Our GM, Donna Powell has stepped in here to provide a few tips for managing cash flow in your business. So often in business people talk about […]

Marketing Your Seminar: Finding A Room Full Of People To Present To

Marketing your seminars is one of the greatest obstacles I find with people starting out in the public speaking business. Who on earth am I going to present to? Where are they all and how do I get them into a room? Let’s look at 2 easy options for you to find your target market: […]