Did you know that speaking is the most powerful lead generation tool you can use to grow your business?

Number One Business Growth Strategy…  Use This And Watch Your Profits Explode!

Speaking on stage is not just about turning up, making a speech and getting paid for it.  This is old school.  The kind of speaking I teach is how to set up a profitable speaking business.  If you’re looking for one simple thing to do which will grow you business . . . look no further than speaking on your topic.

Give a 90-minute presentation full of valuable content (and believe me, you could be in ANY business!) and within this presentation include an irresistible offer for your audience to take the next step with you.

You can use speaking to generate new leads, bring in new clients or make more sales in an afternoon than you made all month!  It’s not uncommon for some of my clients to add $100, $1,000 or even $10,000 to their income EVERY MONTH.

Start Small

If you’ve never spoken publicly before, a great way to start is to speak in front of just a handful of people.  The confidence you will draw from this experience will allow you to get up in front of a bigger audience.

I’ve got many successful clients who decided they were going to learn how to present from stage precisely because they were so terrified of it. They knew if they didn’t overcome their fears it would hold them back from all the other opportunities life throws us.

From Painfully Shy Child To $130,000 In Ticket Sales In 3 Short Months

As a child I was incredibly shy.  Like many other people, I had to work through my own issues about getting up on stage.  It was about letting go of the past and stepping out of my comfort zone.

Once I had mastered that, I made over $130,000 in ticket sales in 3 short months and without even a database of my own!

I don’t say this to toot my own horn . . . I say this to show you what is possible when YOU use speaking on your topic to grow your business.

Go For It!

So now you know speaking on your topic is the single most powerful, the fastest and the most effective way to grow your business, why not plan your first presentation and get out there and see your sales soar? So right now, make a commitment to yourself that you will take some action.  I look forward to seeing you on the platforms of the world.

26 Responses to “Growing A Business: How Speaking Can Grow Your Business”

  1. This is such a great little email! Very seductive but sooo right on! I appreciate how you keep challenging our thinking around what is possible. Getting paid is easy. Leveraging our time and influence takes something extra but the rewards are greater. Thanks Joey!

  2. I love the hint about starting small and getting used to larger groups as your skills improve. It’s never too late to learn is my motto! I am starting again after a long hiatus, and it’s very exciting, Joanne! Older and wiser, and with a website just up, announcing our baby step into the world…www.astarte-healing.com We stand for sexual wellbeing and getting it talked about in all communities. Thanks for the way you share, Joanne. Carla

  3. Thank you for that, Joanna. It is so true. I realised this after your presentation in February and did some presentations about “Well-being and stress relief through Crystal Massage” at some expos. I had many listeners, and a good number of people taking on the special offer to get their own JOYA massager (remember JOYA?). Thanks for sharing your passion and wisdom! Ellen

  4. After more than five years in Toastmasters, next week will be my first real business speech – to 20 or so business owners th the Kitchen Table Network, Manly, QLD. I ‘m looking forword to it, but I’m still trying to work out my irresistible offer.

    I remember Joya, I may even see Ellen at the Kitchen Table Network and we can compare notes.

  5. Hi Joey,

    Great reminder. I love your story about meeting the woman at the multi-speaker event – she’d have been amazed when she saw you on stage later…!

    But what I really can’t believe is that one of your replies is from Carla Van Raay. I had to do a double-take… I read both (two of…?) of her books last year – I loved them.

    Her personal search really inspired me. Fantastic to know she’ll be speaking again… and I’m going to look at her website.

    Looking forward to crewing with you this weekend, and so much more besides.

    And as far as speaking goes – I’ve realised I just have to find every opportunity, paid or not! And trusting what I need will come to me is such a huge part of how this all works. And it really does work!

    Thanks again, Jane 🙂

  6. Joanna I do enjoy reading your newsletters when I have time, I even go back to the archives to catch up on what I may have missed. But it is rare that I have that kind of time. You rarley mention Toastmasters or any other speaking organization. I don’t think it is as simple as just getting out there and speaking. If a speaker is trying to sell a concept, idea or a product to a targeted group and he doesn’t have the confidence and charisma needed to win an audience then he is not ready to speak and sell his product. While charisma is a plus it is not necessary but confidence and knowledge of your subject is essential. You risk losing your audience and potential customers. Of course speaking is going to grow your business!! But good speaking will really make an impact. I would suggest your readers first begin speaking in a safe and supportive environment like Toastmasters. They can even practice their pitch or their speech on a safe audience who will give supportive yet critical feedback. If you can’t join Toastmasters then practice, practice, practice at home and then begin slowly speaking to very small audiences. Just my thought for the day. I’m a teacher on summer break so I don’t like using my brain too much in the summer. It has to rest up for the coming school year!

  7. Great article Joey!
    I used to be terrified of heights…..so when I was in New Zealand I did the AJ Hacket bunjy jump at Queenstown!

    In that same vein (and to make sure I can leverage such a great way to build my business)…..I shall be jumping off the ‘fear of public speaking’ bridge…by attending your PPI this weekend.
    Looking forward to learning from you 🙂


  8. Thanks Joey for reminding us that getting paid to speak is only one model. Speaking to Sell is another one (and just happens to be the one I’ve chosen) Like Jane I loved the story about the women you met. Somtimes we dont know what we don’t know and it constricts our thinking

  9. Joanna, this was the best introduction in a newsletter I’ve ever read. Thank for that.
    And of course for the tip as well:-)

  10. Having seen you in May in kensington I am organising my first teleseminar speaking opportunities! Thanks for the inspiration Joanna.

  11. Brilliant to hear all your thoughts here guys!

    Carla- very excited to hear where you’re up to. Yes Jane, Carla is amazing. She was part of our Million Dollar Masterclass for a while. Love her!

    Jay B, you’re right… I dont mention Toastmasters much, as I have no personal experience of them. I guess you can’t know everything right? All I know is that they are a great supportive group to get started with if you have confidence issues. But from what I’ve hear from members, their focus is on POLISH not PROFIT. Which is fine, as long as you know there are very few people at Toastmasters making money. So take their feedback on sales presentations with a grain of salt I reckon.

    Wolfgang- glad you enjoyed the intro…

    We’ve changed newsletter format now and are posting articles on the blog instead… what do you think?!

  12. To all who got this – listen to Joanna, she knows what she’s talking about!

    I attended her ‘presentation secrets 1 day workshop’ a couple of months back in London and am going to her ‘3 day workshop on PPI later this week, also in London.

    I really can’t wait to start implementing her methods into my business niche on mums & kids (healthcare/well being).

  13. Hi Joey – Oh Boy! Have you spoiled me!!?
    I have attended your webinars since early last year, heard you and your speakers present and have some of your trainings. The way in which you, and your speakers, do the presentations & quality of the content is wonderful – I am now SOOO critical of other speakers, I expect the best (Hey, I was picking faults in Roger Hamilton’s I day event in March). I went to a business network meeting this morning as a substitute for a friend who could not attend (I sub for her regularly). Each week one of the members has the opportunity to do a 10 minute presentation on their business – they are given a few weeks notice. The speaker doing the presso this morning was the business coach & while he appeared confident and on the surface did a reasonable talk – he DIDN’T know how to sell! !!! and he was very vague about what he does – quite frankly, I wouldn’t hire him to help me with my business!! I know that 10 mins is not much (he didn’t even do that – it was timed at 7 ½ ) but I have seen other network group members do a much better job – I suppose some people have a natural talent. One of the other members in the group is a long time member of Toastmasters and I would never have guessed if he hadn’t told me. So, while groups such as toastmasters have a place for some people, it is not necessary to be a great speaker. Anyway, you go, Joey – your training methods are getting the best results (even teaching me to be a critic)

  14. Well Jo, you’ve definitely inspired me to take my business in another direction. I’m looking forward to joining you at the weekend.

  15. Thanks for sharing Joanna – Your updates always encourage me to take the next step. I am also on the journey from shy child to public speaker. I ran a relaxation workshop last week and speaking on race and therapy at the end of the month. I am also launching my new book http://theycallme.org at a community event on 16th July so it’s all coming together. I watched your video on taking part in an expo type event so will remember the advice on 16th. All the best for PPI this weekend.

  16. Hi Joanna
    Love your passion, presentation and ideas. Coaching my clients in voice/presentation skills/confidence and watching them grow in confidence is awesome. However it will be even more awesome when I see my products selling while I sleep so I can buy my holiday flat in Cannes. Toastmasters is definitely about performance polish not profit, but good for building confidence.
    My free tip is never ever practice your presentation to a mirror, but always to someone or an imaginary someone. To find out why come and find me at the PPI.
    See you Friday and so excited.

  17. Thanks Joanna for a great article. I, too, am convinced that speaking is the best way to build any business and your work is such an inspiration. I gave a one-hour presentation recently and got 50 new sign-ups to my online career assessment, from an audience of about 80. I was so thrilled with the response, and now have the confidence to make bigger and better offers that will really help my clients take the next step.

    I am looking forward to joining your Silver Mentoring programme.

    On Toastmasters – I joined a few months ago, and absolutely love it. You are right that they don’t teach you to make a profit, but they are amazing for building your confidence and teaching you specific skills such as body language, tone of voice, how to engage your audience, etc. Also, Toastmasters is a great place for informal networking, which is an integral part of building your business!

  18. Hey Susan- thats brilliant!
    Toastmasters are SO GREAT for building confidence.
    A great place to start thats for sure!

  19. I totally agree – you never deliver in front of a mirror. Crumbs- if I saw what I look like on stage, I’d probably never speak again!!

  20. Hey Claire!
    Wowsers- I’ve created a monster 😉
    I hope you’re doing lots of speaking too!
    Jo 🙂

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