Risk Management Strategies: How to Make Sure You’re Replaceable

Running a small business has many perks . . . but it also has a few risks and one of these risks is key man dependency. In terms of risk management, what does key man dependency actually mean and how does this affect you? Key man dependency is when one of your team members is […]

Google Insights Tips From Your Online Success

This week’s BTS tip comes from website guru, Vanessa Rothwell and it’s a tip everyone who has an online business should know – how to optimize your website on the internet and make sure it gets thousands of hits! By Vanessa Rothwell www.youronlinesuccess.com.au

3 Quick Steps To Boost Your Vitality

What’s good health got to do with business?  Well, read on and find out… “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.– Mahatma Gandhi Speaking from a Doctor’s point of view good health is the cornerstone to everything.  It’s the founding bed for relationships, for business, for love and […]

Using Speaking as a Research & Development Tool

Speaking is the quickest and easiest way to get started in business Decide on your topic, and speak about it – anywhere and everywhere Ask your audience what they want Do not create a product until you have sold it The only way you know if someone is going to buy your product is when […]

Using Jing for Virtual Office

Jing is a great little piece of software you can get from www.techsmith.com. It enables you to record what is happening on your screen and record what you are saying – at the same time. This lets you do all sorts of really useful things such as: Give feedback on website design. Record short training […]

The keys to using your voice dramatically.

Creating emotion has a few key elements that cannot be missed. These are: Awareness Intention Vocal strength and flexibility 1. Awareness The first key is to recognize the power that the voice has in impacting and creating change in another human and as such, how this can generate more sales. It has been said that […]