Did you know that speaking on your topic is the most powerful lead generation tool you could use in your business?

It’s true. Speaking on your topic is the fastest and the most effective way to grow your business. And if you’re nervous about speaking in public you don’t even have to get up on stage. Why not try an online webinar instead?

In today’s crowded market place you need to find ways to stand head and shoulders above your competitors. And the easiest way to do this is speak publicly on your topic either on stage or on a webinar. Because when you speak publicly everyone will suddenly assume you are the ‘expert’.

When you are the expert you command authority AND you command more money.

Watch Your Profits Explode!

Speaking with authority on your topic is not just about turning up,Watch your Profits Explode making a speech and getting paid for it. This is old school! The kind of speaking I teach is how to set up a profitable speaking business.

Give a 90 minute presentation full of valuable content on your topic (and believe me, you could be in ANY business!) and within this presentation include an irresistible offer for your audience to take the next step with you. This next step could be a 1-day course, an online product, a membership site, your coaching services . . . . basically any online or physical products!

Once you expand yourself to all the possibilities, you can use speaking to generate new leads, bring in new clients or make more sales in an afternoon than you made all month! It’s not uncommon for some of my clients to add $100, $1,000 or even $10,000 to their income EVERY MONTH.

Start Small
If you’ve never spoken publicly before, a great way to start is to speak in front of just a handful of people or run a small webinar. The confidence you will draw from this experience will allow you to get up in front of a bigger audience.

From Painfully Shy Child To $130,000 In Ticket Sales In 3 Short Months
As a child I was incredibly shy. Like many other people, Scaredy CatI had to work through my own issues about getting up on stage. It was about letting go of the past and stepping out of my comfort zone. And now look at me . . . I love being up there!

Not only that, I make a lot of money from my passion. Using just one of my profit principles – The 7 Steps To An Effective Presentation – I made over $130,000 in ticket sales in 3 short months and without even a database of my own!

I don’t say this to toot my own horn . . . I say this to show you what is possible when YOU step out of your comfort zone and dare to expand.

Go For It!
Remember, your ideas and thoughts are Go For It!valuable and people will pay to learn from you. As I said before, speaking on your topic is the single most powerful way to grow your business. So if you’re committed to watching your profits explode, start sharing your value with anyone who’ll listen. You might just find your business goes through the roof!




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