Marketing your seminars is one of the greatest obstacles I find with people starting out in the public speaking business.

Who on earth am I going to present to?

Where are they all and how do I get them into a room?

Let’s look at 2 easy options for you to find your target market:

  1. Pre-existing groups.

    This is by far and away the simplest strategy. Once you have determined your ideal audience, the next logical step is to ask yourself:

    “Where are groups of these people already gathering?”

    Your target market, more often than not, are already meeting together in groups somewhere:

    • clubs
    • associations
    • seminars
    • workshops
    • social groups
    • companies
    • small businesses

    All these organisations are having regular events or meetings, just longing for some great inspiring speakers to come and share their wisdom. Don’t discount yourself – every group, organisation or company is looking for someone to come and add value and inspiration to their members or employees.

    Advantages of pre-existing groups:

    • they are already meeting and often looking for speakers
    • they are closely knit and self-defining, so it is obvious if they are your market or not
    • they already have marketing in place so you don’t have to worry about it as much
    • they will pay for room hire and equipment
    • they might have colleagues, associates or other chapters that they will refer you to


    • they have pre-conceived ideas about how speakers present and may be reluctant to let you sell
    • you have no control over the marketing, so its up to them to fill the room
    • it needs a little more organising from a “how do we collect the money and process orders” perspective
  2. Create your own group

    If you already have a business or a client list – even if there are only 8 people on it- one of the simplest things you can do is have a “Client Appreciation Night”. Invite your clients to bring a guest along to an evening. Put on a drink or two and share with them some ground breaking information in your industry.

    At the evening you then do your awesome presentation and make some sales right there on the night to people who already know and love you, and their friends.

    Of course if your database is 1000 people- the numbers get more fun more quickly, but I want to stress on you that you can start marketing your seminars on a small scale.

    Advantages of Your Own Crowd:

    • you set the rules and you can sell as hard or soft as you like
    • some may have already bought from you, so they are more pre-disposed to buy from you again. Did you know that over 70% of your sales come from customers with repeat business rather than new clients?
    • you get to control every aspect of their experience: the lighting, the sound, the tea breaks. . .
    • you can manage how “ready to buy” they are by doing good marketing in the lead up to the event


    • you have to do all the marketing, event management, as well as the speaking
    • it’s generally more expensive because room costs, AV etc are footed by you

    Food For Thought

    Now that you have 2 easy strategies to find to your target market, what about going out there this week and either planning a client appreciation night of your own or even approach an organization to book yourself a speaking slot!

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