Marketing Your Seminar: Finding A Room Full Of People To Present To

Marketing your seminars is one of the greatest obstacles I find with people starting out in the public speaking business. Who on earth am I going to present to? Where are they all and how do I get them into a room? Let’s look at 2 easy options for you to find your target market: […]

Why You Need A Blog

This week our tip is supplied by website guru, Vanessa Rothwell. Vanessa – or Ness – worked as Shift Speaker Training’s very own in-house Web Developer for 2 years. In fact, she was with Joey and Greg right from the beginning, helping them as they started out in those early days and grew to what […]

It’s All About Image

When it comes to speaking, we like to think that what we say and how we say it is more important than what we look like and how people see us.  But the truth is that people do judge us by our appearance and by our offstage behavior.  When you are portraying an image that […]

How to get the Right Kind of Publicity for your Speaking Business

How do you get the right media attention for your speaking business? I didn’t really know, so I asked my good friend and Our Internet Secrets colleague and faculty member Sue Gardiner to write an article for me. Enjoy! Joey The 3 Biggest Myths About Free Publicity Busted By journalist & media & marketing strategist […]