There are times when you aren’t able to sell from stage… and often I hear from clients who fear that the gig may not be worth their time if they are unable to generate any income from it.

Of course, the lifeblood of your business is sales… but to make more sales, you need to drive more prospects into your marketing funnel… you need to grow your list!

And speaking is a fantastic way of attracting new prospects. So, in this blog I want to show you the steps you can take to attract new prospects from speaking.

Even if you never close from stage, NEVER walk away from a presentation without the details of every person in your audience.

If you offer them a free newsletter, or a way of keeping in touch with you after the event, 60-100% of your audience will give you their card. They have already given you their time in listening to you speak, and during your presentation you will have built rapport and gained their trust, so they will feel encouraged to stay in touch at the very least.

Control the outcome

By taking their card, you are also keeping control of the outcome. I’m sure you already have a huge drawer or box full of business cards that you have collected at events… but how often do you ever actually look at them again?

I’d hazard a guess that it is not very often?

So when you give out your card, it’s pretty safe to assume that yours will end up in their drawer or box, and they will never take any action to contact you in the future.

Yet by going back to your office and adding their details to your database, your regular emails (you are emailing your list regularly aren’t you?) will keep you in their thoughts, and serve as a regular prompt to remind them of what you do and how you can help them.


This is also a good strategy to use when you attend networking events. Next time you engage in conversation with someone new at an event, why not offer them your free incentive in return for their card too?

If you get into the habit of practising this regularly, you will grow your list steadily… you’ll be introducing more prospects into your marketing funnel… and in turn, this will increase the amount of sales you make too. 

Presenting at a conference?

If you’re delivering a presentation to a conference audience, and you aren’t able to sell from stage, why not offer a PDF of your slides as an incentive to join your list?

Set up a page on your website specific to the event, and place an opt-in form on the page… and invite your audience to visit your page to get a copy of your slides in return for their name and email address.

Make use of every opportunity you have to grow your list… don’t be shy. Recognise that as a business owner, you have a duty to sell yourself… go get those details.

Work with me inside my Silver Mentoring Program to make 2013 the year you step up to your vision… when you not only get paid to speak, but to build passive income so that you can live the ultimate lifestyle and enjoy the freedom to do whatever you want, from anywhere in the world you want to do it.

Imagine your new life when you’ve achieved all this . . . and take action now to get started on your journey

One Response to “How To Grow Your List Through Speaking”

  1. I like the tip about sending the slides as pdf in return for contact details.

    What I do is that I offer all my project management resources for FREE by registering on my website. This is my regular way of attracting people to my mailinglist and also the technique I use at the end of my presentation to get people’s details.


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