Leadership: The Ten Major Causes of Failure

Last week we looked at 10 great leadership styles to model.  In the 2nd of this 2-part series, we’re focussing on the 10 major causes of leadership failure.  Read these to avoid the pitfalls! Disorganisation of DetailsNo leader is ever ‘too busy’ to do anything.  When you admit you are too busy, you show up […]

Message to Market Match

Market trends necessitate us always staying on top of what your audience wants – at all times during the year. It’s all about matching your audience to your market. What you are delivering must match up to the people in your audience If they’re not your target market – you won’t sell It is possible […]

How To Get Your Audience To Trust You

As a speaker, the first key area that you need to really always be focusing on building is your credibility.  What is Credibility? Credibility is the way that your market perceives you and it’s vital to be credible to them. Why Is It Important To Have Good Credibilty? Because your audience needs to trust you […]

Breaking the Ice

Back at the beginning of January I wrote about a whole load of techniques to break the ice with your audience – but I haven’t actually shown you it in action yet. So I thought I’d show you a little sneak preview of breaking the ice IN ACTION at my Presentation Profits Intensive seminar. Remember […]

State Changes – Keeping Your Audiences Engaged

Every seven minutes you need to elicit a state change in your audience It can be with a MASSAGE, a HIGH FIVE or a turn to your neighbour to say something complimentary and fun In order to know when to do this you can have a reminder on your autocue or just watch your audience’s […]

Public Speaking For Sales Allows You To Showcase Your Knowledge

If there’s one thing I love more than public speaking for sales, it’s helping others speak and sell from stage too Why Do It, Jo? Many sales professionals never consider the opportunity to do workshops, seminars and presentations in front of the public. If you are one of them, then you are missing a golden opportunity. […]