Scarcity: Making It Work For You

This week’s BTS tip comes from our General Manager, Donna Powell. Scarcity creates incentive to buy Reward fast action takers Be clear on your system to your audience and your crew

The Importance of Introduction – “Your Life on the MC List”

Knowing how to introduce a speaker is a very important skill and although it seems very simple and straightforward, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. The Purpose of IntroductionsThere are three main reasons to introduce a speaker correctly. The first is to grab hold of the audience’s attention,the second is to […]

4 Common Fears Around Selling From Stage And How To Overcome Them

Many of us have blocks around selling from stage – when this is one of the most sure-fire ways to make money! So let’s look at the 4 common fears around selling from stage: They Don’t Know How.If you are not currently achieving at the level you wish to, it is either because (a) you […]

The Secrets of Business and Language

How is Business like Learning a Language? No it’s not a riddle – there are three basic steps… There are phases you pass through when learning business, just like learning a language. Being successful in business is really as simple as learning the language of business. First you need to get the basics and learn […]

The Importance Of Passion In Selling

For me, the importance of passion in selling is probably the most powerful piece of advice I can give to new speakers.  I always try to speak from the heart and connect with the audience in this heart-felt way.  When I bring my heart into my speaking, it always follows that my sales increase.  And […]

Presentation Skills: The Art of Public Speaking

Public speaking is full of people making basic mistakes.  Luckily, you don’t have to be one of them!  Now you’ve successfully ‘opened’ your presentation, here’s how to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes people make when they start getting into public speaking – and selling from stage.  This article is a great refresher for both experienced […]