Overcoming The Fear Of Speaking In Public

What’s the biggest fear people have? You may be surprised, but the number 1 fear is actually a fear of public speaking. And it’s ok to be afraid of public speaking!  After all, there’s lots of people feeling exactly the same way!  But I want to look at why it’s so important for you to […]

Presentation Skills: Using statistics to prove your points

I believe that one of the best presentation skills you can have is the ability to deliver “effective presentations”. These are the kind of presentation that don’t just inform, but involve, inspire and move people to action. A core part of moving people to action is that you have to prove and back up your […]

Speakers Tips for Using Powerpoint Effectively

Here are my tips for using powerpoint in a effective way for your presentations: Keep your slides simple. There is no need to use different fonts and animations. Have only 4-5 points to a slide as a maximum. Use a plain white background with black text. Use only relevant images that evoke emotion, which allows […]

One Simple Strategy to Boost Your Profits this Month: The Client Appreciation Night

Host your own “Client Appreciation Night” to boost sales instantly. The biggest mistake that most people make is looking outside of their business for profit making. Your current customers will buy again and again if you give them the chance. For a successful “Client Appreciation Night”, consider the following points: 1. “Invitation to thank your […]

Mindset and Closes: Making a Sales Presentation from Stage

Press Play to watch this tip on how to have the right mindset when closing a sale from stage: Making A Sales Presentation: The Art of Closing From Stage One of the most common questions I get asked from my members and subscribers is how do I make the transition from doing my talk to […]