Host your own “Client Appreciation Night” to boost sales instantly. The biggest mistake that most people make is looking outside of their business for profit making. Your current customers will buy again and again if you give them the chance.

For a successful “Client Appreciation Night”, consider the following points:

1. “Invitation to thank your clients”
Send out invitations to a selection of your best clients who you believe, will have a high chance of buying new products or service you will be offering. Provide all the elements and the atmosphere that will have your participants in the right state and you will have your audience eating out of your hands. 

2. Teach something new…
Load your “Appreciation Night” with good quality content – or you will risk losing their trust. Your hook is the one-off, not to be missed opportunity to learn something new. This new “tool” or “technique” is key to their success.

Now that you have a relaxed, happy and captive audience, it’s time to make an offer on a new product or service that will benefit them!

3. Friends of Clients
Ask your clients to bring a friend! Give them a reason to follow through… give a free information product gift, CD or DVD. This is a cheat sheet to filling the room with little effort and has the added benefit of introducing a new audience to your services

4. Food and Drinks
It’s not necessary to throw a banquet. Some venues provide package deals – room plus food and beverages. You can save time and money by purchasing inexpensive snacks and drinks well in advance.

5. Your Network is Your Net Worth…
It’s an oldie and still holds true. It’s a great opportunity for your clients to network and create relationships that will create a community.

6. Playing the numbers game…
Be realistic – more is not better! You need to ask yourself these questions:

  • How many people do you want to attend?
  • How many people can you manage?

It’s a great idea to ask your clients to reserve their seats to avoid disappointment. You will have Importantly, you need to know how much new business that you want to achieve to make the night profitable.

7. Location, Location
Find a suitable venue. Pick a date.

Give yourself a good 4-6 weeks to prepare and market, especially if this is your first time. Once you have a fair idea of how many people will be there, it will help your process of finding the best venue that your finance will allow and a central location that everyone can get to.

8. Make it Fun
Make it a fun evening for everyone! A boring “appreciation night” with bad food, low quality information and not so good location/venue will only hurt your reputation. Hitting all the right buttons will not only give you the profits that you desire, plus you and the audience will have a fantastic night.

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  4. Fair enough, KyleLytke. Arranging the lineup (roughly) based on on-base percentages intuitively makes sense because it gives more at-bats to the guys who get on the most. I think youre right that Tex might not like hitting out of the two hole after batting cleanup his whole life, but there really shouldnt be any outrage over the lineups NoMaas proposed. Either way though, its a difference of a few runs, so it probably doesnt matter.

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