How To Increase Your Confidence With Speaking

To deliver an amazing speech is one thing. But to speak with clarity, confidence, and composure requires knowing some helpful speaking tips. Knowing how to tackle your public speaking fears and issues can help you become a much more competent speaker…  and that of course will improve your life for many years to come. INCREASE […]

Your Powerful Voice

You’ve got a message to share with the world… and you were put on this world to make your difference. And if you want to create change in others, you’ve got to get your message heard. Your voice is a powerful tool… and it’s been said that over a third of your outcome depends on […]

Why It Pays To Overcome YOUR Fear Of Public Speaking

A fear of public speaking is believed to be the single most common phobia and affects as much as 75% of the population.  This means if you have some ‘stuff’ about being on stage and having the spotlight focused brightly on you . . .  you are not alone. And… do you know, even the […]

Planning Your Event: Why You Must Have A Rockstar Introduction!

As a speaker, the success of your gig doesn’t just come down to your presentation… the audience experience begins before you even step on the stage! So, when you’re planning your event, don’t forget to also give consideration to who will be introducing you… your MC… what they say matters too! Although introducing a speaker seems very […]

Do You Fear Speaking From Stage?

For a lot of business owners, the very thought of standing in front of an audience and speaking is terrifying. I also hear from people every day who feel stuck in their business… they’re unsure of what to do next that will attract new clients. If speaking from stage is something you fear, you can […]

How to spot the 6 people who disrupt your events

I’m forever thankful to have such an amazing group of people who join me for my events. However some people, for one reason or another, have their own agenda and these are the people you need to be mindful of. So I thought today I’d share with you the signs you should look out for […]