To deliver an amazing speech is one thing. But to speak with clarity, confidence, and composure requires knowing some helpful speaking tips.

Knowing how to tackle your public speaking fears and issues can help you become a much more competent speaker…  and that of course will improve your life for many years to come.


A first step to take when learning to speak well in public is to know how to increase your confidence level.

You can do this by:

  • Knowing what you are talking about and
  • Knowing how to deliver what you are talking about.
  • Knowing your content 

This means more than just memorizing words. Do you know what your words mean to your audience? Knowing the true meaning of your content means you understand it well. Knowing the content very well changes the way you deliver the speech. Instead of reciting words, seek to move and inspire your audience.  Then you will become truly memorable.


The next step to take when improving public speaking is to practice.

Practicing is one of the most important speaking tips because it is something people do not “have time for.” Knowing what you want to say is one thing, but if you do not give yourself the time to fully understand the rhythm, flow, and meaning of your speech, it will be less than extraordinary.

Mishaps, awkwardness, and pauses often occur because of a lack of practice. Show your audience that you know what you want to say, and that you know how to say it by practicing your next important speech at any moment you can get.

Confidence and practicing are essential and important elements of public speaking. Why speak in a way where people will instantly forget you? The point of speaking well in public is to ensure that people listen and that they remember what you say.

Speaking well in public will get you far. It will open the doors of opportunity and success if you take the time to get better at it. 

Work with me to make 2013 the year you step up to your vision… when you not only get paid to speak, but to build passive income so that you can live the ultimate lifestyle and enjoy the freedom to do whatever you want, from anywhere in the world you want to do it.


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