How to Choose a Good Topic

How do you choose a topic that people are hungry for? Most people have something they are passionate about or they have a feeling of injustice or need. The problem is that you have to match your passion with the market What is your passion? What are people interested in? Who do you want to […]

How To Deal With Tardiness or Absenteeism In YOUR Presentation

Be prepared…  This feature article is only for people who are committed to being excellent platform speakers.   Because isn’t it true that when challenges appear that we tend to give up?  So if you’re serious about taking your speaking skills to the highest level – read on. How To Deal With Tardiness or Absenteeism In […]

Training Your Audience: The Game of “Simon Says”

Leadership shows up in all areas of business and especially so from stage. In fact, to be on stage, you really do need to possess strong leadership skills. How else will you get your audience to respond to you and buy from you if you don’t show leadership? You must let your audience know that […]

Stand Still! A Simple and Powerful way to Re-Centre Yourself

Stand Still There is nothing worse than a speaker who dithers and wanders aimlessly about the stage Standing still makes you feel more grounded… …which gives you more confidence… …which helps you to earn more money Be Strong, and Calm, and Centered. It makes you audience feel more comfortable with you.

How To Use Success Stories In Your Presentation

There’s nothing more powerful than using a success story in your presentation to prove what you say is true.  And there’s nothing more influential than hearing how someone else has become successful to inspire people to action. Why You Need To Use A Success Story In Your Presentation This is a bit of a no-brainer […]

How Public Speaking Can Improve Your Communcation Skills

How To Make An Impact Public speaking is very much about improving our communication skills, for when we know how to communicate effectively (to one person or to an entire room full of people) we also know how to inform, inspire and persuade others. Each and every time you open your mouth, you tell the […]