For a lot of business owners, the very thought of standing in front of an audience and speaking is terrifying. I also hear from people every day who feel stuck in their business… they’re unsure of what to do next that will attract new clients.

If speaking from stage is something you fear, you can rest assured that you are not alone. Apparently it is the number one fear that most people have.

And yet, the truth is that speaking from stage and delivering a great presentation is the most beneficial thing you can do to grow your business AND this one action will deliver a long line of new clients to you… no more chasing prospects!

Leverage Your Time

Shouting SpeakerDo you find yourself saying the same thing, over and over to client after client? Now imagine being able to bring them all into a room together and you only needing to deliver your presentation one time? Speaking from stage is your answer.

So, it is really important that you try to overcome your fears and investigate speaking as the next step in your marketing plan.

One of my clients who sold security lighting was struggling selling 1:1… It was hard work to make one sale and sometimes a sale would require eight appointments. So he started to invite his prospects to hear him speak.

After his talk he would invite them to speak with him in a 1:1 appointment and since his presentation positioned him as an expert, he didn’t need to chase sales anymore… his clients were queuing up to buy! That one step made a massive difference in his business and it will have a big impact on yours too.

Just Get Started

Nervous SpeakerAnother of my clients told me that when she attended her first ever networking event, she was physically sick at the thought of speaking in front of 15 people for 60 seconds! Despite feeling shaky and near to tears she forced herself to go through with it.

The next week it was a little bit easier and with perseverance she gradually increased both the length of time she spoke for and the number of people she spoke in front of. A year later she spoke to a room of 500 people!

Once you overcome your fear and put yourself in front of even the smallest audience, your confidence will go through the roof!

You’ll feel you can achieve ANYTHING and 1:1 sales will become a breeze!

Get into a Positive State

Confident SpeakerI don’t want you to hold yourself back through fear. If you’re in business and want to be seen as the expert and grow your business with a stream of new clients, I’d love to help you face your fears and learn how to become a successful speaker. Can you spare me eight hours so I can help you?

I created a 3CD audio program that will teach you where your fears around public speaking and selling are coming from… taking you through a powerful mindset shifting process to obliterate those feelings for good!

In the 3rd CD I give you my “Visual Rehearsal Strategy” – this is the mental preparation I do every time before I go on stage. You’ll emerge with a new found confidence and self belief that will help you move your business up to the next level instantly.

If you’re one of the first 150 people to register for my last ever Presentation Secrets events in London next month, you’ll receive this audio set as ONE of your THREE FREE bonuses… it’s my way of saying thank you and rewarding you for taking the first step in your journey.

By the end of this intensive one day event you will be fully equipped with all the tools to create winning presentations and become the person that people are queuing up to work with… and if you work through the confidence audio program you will have overcome the fears that are holding you back from getting up there and making it happen.

Is your lack of confidence stopping you from becoming a successful speaker? Do you need more clients? This event will help you and I urge you to join me on one of the following dates in London next month;

Friday 11th May 2012

Saturday 12th May 2012

Friday 25th May 2012

GO HERE to check out the details and book your place.

As soon as your booking has been processed you will immediately receive the free bonuses so you can start working through your fears instantly.

One last thing… don’t panic that I’m going to make you stand up and give a speech… I promise you that won’t happen. But we will have a fun, educational and inspiring day together.

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