Growing A Business: How Speaking Can Grow Your Business

Did you know that speaking is the most powerful lead generation tool you can use to grow your business? Number One Business Growth Strategy…  Use This And Watch Your Profits Explode! Speaking on stage is not just about turning up, making a speech and getting paid for it.  This is old school.  The kind of […]

Tips For Public Speaking: How To Be Authentic on Stage

I often get asked for tips on public speaking.  Often, people think there is some kind of science or formula to being on stage.  But the truth to being a successful public speaker is much simpler than that. Listen very carefully . . .. . . . All you need to do is . . […]

How To Run a Successul Tradeshow or Exhibition

Trade shows are tough gigs. There are lots of stalls and marketers already there who are competing for the attention of the attendees. Go round and build relationships with the other stall holders – they already have lists of people who you can market to in the form of a joint venture.

Fear of Public Speaking: How To Transform Your Fears into Success

Fear of public speaking is one of the most common and constrictive fears you can have. When it comes to having the guts to stand on stage and deliver your heartfelt message the biggest block I see to making this happen is lack of confidence and self-belief. Time and time again, I see people who […]

4 Top Tips To Breathe Fresh Life into Your Business

Here’s 4 top tips to spruce up your business. De-clutter Your Office Take some time out of your day to go through your desk and your paperwork and be ruthless!  Get rid of everything which does not support your burgeoning business. Grow a Plant Growing something from seed, nurturing the green shoots into life, tending […]

How to Get Speaking Gigs

Who are your Target Market? – Describe them Demographically Where do these people gather in groups? Attend the functions you would like to speak at. Build a Relationship with the event promoter