How To Achieve A BIG Goal Easily And Effortlessly

Setting a BIG goal such as starting a new business, writing a book, running a marathon, putting on your first 1-day or 3-day speaking event is always exciting.  But carrying out that goal and seeing it through to its successful conclusion is the real test. Big goals tend to involve big challenges.  It’s what makes […]

Customer Service Wow

To have a speaking business without a solid customer service focus will prove fatal. Without customers you don’t have a business If you already care about people, then you need to have in place a system where you are always striving to make an awesome experience every time you have contact with your customers. It […]

The Client Appreciation Night

This is a simple, fool-proof way to build your list and make sales. The biggest mistake that most people make is looking outside of their business for profit making. Your current customers will buy again and again if you give them the chance. One Simple Strategy to Boost Your Profits this Month Host your own […]

Use Celebrity

Position yourself as the authority. Add a personal touch to your products. It can be as simple as having your picture on the website. Or your signature on something you sell.