Reconnecting To The Colours Of Life

If you’ve been feeling that life has been black and white of late here’s 3 easy steps to reconnect you to all the beautiful colours that life can offer us. Play And Be SillyWhat silly thing have you done recently? When was the last time you made some space in your diary just to have […]

Using Jing for Virtual Office

Jing is a great little piece of software you can get from It enables you to record what is happening on your screen and record what you are saying – at the same time. This lets you do all sorts of really useful things such as: Give feedback on website design. Record short training […]

4 Common Fears Around Selling From Stage And How To Overcome Them

Many of us have blocks around selling from stage – when this is one of the most sure-fire ways to make money! So let’s look at the 4 common fears around selling from stage: They Don’t Know How.If you are not currently achieving at the level you wish to, it is either because (a) you […]

The Secrets of Business and Language

How is Business like Learning a Language? No it’s not a riddle – there are three basic steps… There are phases you pass through when learning business, just like learning a language. Being successful in business is really as simple as learning the language of business. First you need to get the basics and learn […]

Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s all in the mind this week.  We’ve all heard the saying that success breeds success but where does success start?  It starts with a mental attitude and a willingness to step outside the comfort zone. You see it doesn’t matter what level of game you are playing right now- there is always another level […]

The Art Of Packdown

Packdown is a good opportunity to prepare for your next event. It is a good idea to have packing lists and storage categories so you can pack down quickly and effectively. If you have a system where everyone is responsible for their own part of packdown then the whole thing happens much faster. Systems are […]