7 Simple Steps To An Effective Presentation

There are two key ingredients essential to getting big money from stage results: the first is your passion for your products and services. The second is your sales presentation. If you don’t love what you sell, the first thing I suggest is to find something to sell that you love, because otherwise your audience will […]

Scarcity and Celebrity

When you are just one amongst very few you can command a far higher price for the service you provide. The more specialist you become, the higher your premium. Think about narrowing down your topic. Or – Narrowing down your niche.

Raise Your Game In 3 Steps

Here’s 3 HUGE impossible to ignore reasons why all magnificent speakers spend time sharpening the saw. Raise Your GameIt doesn’t matter what level you are currently playing; there is always a bigger game to play.  So wherever you are at in your speaking business, what is the next level for you?  Is it simply standing […]

Good Order Form Structure

The Key Main things you need on an order form are: Headline Key Benefit What You Get (Features and Benefits) Description of Bonuses Summary of Value Guarantee “YES! I want to become a member!” Nuts and Bolts – Name and Address etc Continuity Tick Box Signature Contact Details

The Power Of Ritual – 6 Golden Rules

I know some speakers who are extraordinarily superstitious.  So how important is ritual? Ritual has its rightful place in the speaking business.  Stepping onto stage requires courage, preparation and calm.  So getting into the right mental and physical state becomes a ritual.  Here are 6 of my rituals which I always use before I speak. […]

How to Build Your Email List

Have an Opt-In page. Ensure you have something that is good value to give away for free in return for people’s email address. Send traffic to the Opt-In page. Use social media such as facebook and twitter. Keep active by updating your blog, tweeting, or posting on facebook at least every day or two. Maintain […]