Here’s 3 HUGE impossible to ignore reasons why all magnificent speakers spend time sharpening the saw.

  1. Raise Your Game
    It doesn’t matter what level you are currently playing; there is always a bigger game to play.  So wherever you are at in your speaking business, what is the next level for you?  Is it simply standing on stage and having the courage to sell something? Is it increasing the numbers in your room?  Is it improving your big pack?  Is it upping the conversation rate by 5, 10, 25%?

    Sure, you might already be closing on stage, you might already be on the speaking circuit, but there’s always a bigger platform.  What can you do to take you from where you now onto the next platform?  What specific areas of your presentation need improvement and what strategy do you have in place to take you to the next level?  It might be mentoring, it might be a course, whatever it is – commit to being the BEST you can be at your game.

  2. Become The Global Expert
    The speaking business is like ripples in a pond, there’s always a bigger ripple, there’s always more impact you can have.  Most people speak because they want to spread their message and so it makes sense to speak to as many people as possible.  What circle are you in? Are you known in one specific city?  Perhaps you’re a name in your country? Or are you speaking on platforms around the world?

    Speakers don’t just have to use the stage; you can use webinars to spread your message internationally. But first, are there any mindset shifts you need to make around being international?  Do you have the strategies in place to infiltrate new markets?  How do you need to think and what do you need to learn to become international?

  3. Add Depth – Think 3-D
    Being a speaker is not just about standing on stage and selling your product.  It’s also about the business you have set up around your presentations.  What business do you have in place?  Does it support your speaking?  Does it get the most out of you?  Is it set-up to ensure you get maximum return on your energy?

    Business skills don’t come naturally to everyone.  But these are the nuts and bolts of the speaking business.  Get the business strategies right and your money will flow to you easily. So many times I work with successful speakers and see holes in their business model.  So, do what it takes to fill these holes.  Get the business coaching, go on that course, be committed to running a successful multi-dimensional business.


All great speakers never assume they have ‘made it’.  They spend time, energy and money in improving their game.  There’s always another level of expertise.  In the long run, this investment not only saves money, it generates money.

Think about the gaps in your knowledge and take whatever steps necessary to become the expert.

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