Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge Day #1

Welcome to Day #1 of the 14-day Speakers Challenge. Over the next 14 days I will post a video almost every day to share with you the 10 simple strategies which if you’re doing them, you’re business will keep consistently growing. You see there’s really only 10 things you need to be doing. Keep doing […]

How to add value in your client relationships

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the international day of love and while we are focused on showing our loved ones what they mean to us, let’s not forget about our clients too. What are you doing to make them feel special? If you’re not adding value in your relationships what is to stop them going […]

How To Be The Go To Person In Your Niche

When you are seen to be the go to person in your niche your celebrity stock rises and your visibility increases. How to become the go to person is something all speakers need to figure out so as to attract regular gigs. The first stage to becoming a go to person is to define your […]

Speaking at Events: Hosting Your Own Client Gathering

One of the easiest ways to get started in your speaking career is to create your own opportunities by hosting an event yourself. Unless event planning is your speciality you’ll probably want to keep things simple at this stage. Why not host a VIP gathering for your clients and their contacts? Giving your event a […]

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Or in other words, Happy Chinese New Year! January 23rd marked the year of the dragon and with the dragon comes lots and lots of babies. Why? Because children born in dragon years are supposed to be particularly lucky. In fact, in previous dragon years, countries like China and Hong Kong […]

How to Fill a Room…

I recently got this comment from an extremely frustrated speaker: “Dear Joey, The more I listen to you talk about how successful your 1-day speaking events are, the more incapable I feel. You get hundreds of people in your room but when I recently ran a preview night for my 1-day workshop only 12 people […]