Public Speaking: The Top 5 Benefits Of Speaking In Public

There are so many benefits to becoming a speaker – for your business, your bank balance, for your lifestyle AND for your own personal confidence – I can’t even cover them all in one mere blog post so I’ve highlighted the top 5 for you!

Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Where does success actually start?

I believe it starts with a willingness to step outside the comfort zone.

You see it doesn’t matter what level of game you are playing right now- there is always another level you can go to. And what usually holds you where you are is this thing called a “Comfort Zone”.

4 Tips for Public Speaking: Why Feedback Is So Important To Your Sales

One of the best public speaking tips I can give you is this always seek feedback!

Remember, when you’re speaking in public, either on stage or during a presentation, the aim is to not just to educate but also to leverage your time and bring in extra sales for your business. Selling 1:100 is much more powerful than selling 1:1 . . .which is why getting feedback on your performance can make all the difference to your bottom line profits.

How To Use Public Speaking To Create Sales

Did you know the one secret ingredient that can make or break an effective and profitable presentation? Luckily it’s an ingredient all of us have but sadly not of all us use effectively. What is that ingredient?! It’s your voice! Take a moment now to recognize the power that your voice has to impact another […]

How to spot the 6 people who disrupt your events

I’m forever thankful to have such an amazing group of people who join me for my events. However some people, for one reason or another, have their own agenda and these are the people you need to be mindful of. So I thought today I’d share with you the signs you should look out for […]

Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 14- Take Action and Our Winner

  Welcome to the final day of the Challenge!  And a big thank you to everyone who has participated over the last two weeks.  It has been really moving to be involved. Here are some of my favourite videos we received… But there can only be one winner, and this lady’s passion for her […]