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Fear of public speaking is one of the most common and constrictive fears you can have. When it comes to having the guts to stand on stage and deliver your heartfelt message the biggest block I see to making this happen is lack of confidence and self-belief.

Time and time again, I see people who want to move their business forward, who want to make the big money, who want to do things to improve their lives, who want to be a public speaker but fears and insecurities of all sorts act like a massive STOP sign to their dreams.

Scared Of Speaking In Public?

Elaborate self-talk and doubt is your biggest enemy to success. Especially when it comes to public speaking.

We doubt ourselves not just about standing on stage and speaking in public. We fear people will laugh at us, heckle us, throw things at us!  We fear we will freeze, panic, mess up.  We fear we will not be good enough.

Get this:

Your anxiety about public speaking is holding you back.

Why?  Because if you lack the confidence and self-belief to do the things you want to do or be who you want to be, you will never grow.

Your Anxiety About Public Speaking Can Be STOPPED!

One of the brain’s functions is to prove itself right. This is why it’s vital you think and behave in a manner that is congruent with what you want.

If you want to be a public speaker and stand on stage and deliver your message to an audience of people, then you must convince yourself that those people want to hear you speak, that you do have something of worth to share with the world, that you are confident, deserving and successful!

Confident Speaker

Your Turn

So, if you are crippled by your lack of self-believe and you’re fed up of your fears of public speaking holding you back – know that change can start right now.  Edit the talk in your head and start to believe in your own personal power.  Remember, success breeds success so one tiny step now can mean huge transformation for the future.

6 Responses to “Fear of Public Speaking: How To Transform Your Fears into Success”

  1. Hi Joanna – yes, having the knowledge that the audience has come to hear what you have to say, gives you the power to stand there and say it. They’ll listen – that;s why they came! I used to be a bit scared until I realized this truth. believe in yourself and believe in the message.

  2. Hi Jo,
    Very true
    I suppose many people when they first start public speaking are full of insecurities about what they have to say, trying to please, hoping that they can get all the info across to EVERYONE, and it all has to be perfect. I have found that preparation and trusting in myself has helped along with the belief as you stated – the people in the room really want to hear what I have to say. Thank you for this article.

  3. Glad this has hit a nerve! really if we focus more on our audience’s concerns than our own- magic can happen.

    One of my drama teachers once said to me “Darling I don’t care how you feel, I’m the audience I care how I feel… make me fell something!”

    So true!


  4. Hi Jo
    thanks for the article, its always interesting when you leave things to the universe how they sort themselves out. I would love to speak from stage while playing the harp as I have played the harp and sang up to now. However, this does not take the fear of speking sensibly from stage away.
    Well, I was asked to play for the oldies at a tea the other morning and when I got their, they kindly neglected to tell me I should SAY SOMETHING…
    I took the challenge and knew that it was an intervention. If you aske, you shall receive, sometimes when you don’t expect it. Doing it for free to an unjudging audience is a very good place to start if you have a fear of speaking in public.
    The topic was Flowers, women and love and all I did was connect FAQ’s to the topic of the day and with no time to prepare I had something to say.
    Thanks for your tips, along the way, they really help.

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