Speaking With Impact: Using Statistics In Your Presentation

The most important presentation skill that you need in your toolkit is the ability to deliver “effective presentations”. Effective presentations don’t just educate and inform, but involve, inspire and move people to take action. A core element of moving people to take action is being able to prove and back up your core points and […]

Build Audience Rapport In Your Room

When you first show up on stage, you have around 30 seconds to engage your audience and capture their attention.  If you miss your moment to win them over, you can get it back, but it’s hard work! One of the ways I teach to capture the attention of your audience is to use “Icebreaker […]

Silence Is Golden!

The first time you host a webinar and deliver your presentation, especially if you’ve been used to being in front of a live audience… you’ll realise that the two audiences are very different. For starters, it’s very rare to have a completely silent audience in a seminar… and even if they aren’t using any form […]

Are You A Lion Or A Leopard? | Your Unique Story

By Joanna Martin Lions are beautiful, majestic creatures… and let’s be honest, you wouldn’t fail to spot one coming towards you. But how about when the same lion is out hunting with its pride? 30 or 40 of these imposing creatures together… where only their size separates one from another. How obvious would it be […]

How To Network Successfully

How well is your networking paying off for you? Do you secretly fear that spending valuable hours attending events is never going to give you any referrals and you’re wondering if all the effort is worth it? You see, like anything, there is a skill to networking. There are people who seem to do very […]

Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge: Day 2 with Joanna Martin

  Day#2 of Speaker’s 14-Day Challenge! I’ve been reviewing some presentations for one of my 1-1 clients over the last couple of days (these are the guys that pay me AUD$15,000/ GBP £7500 a day for input).  And do you know what I’m noticing.  What holds these talented and successful speakers back is exactly the […]