You’ve Got Your Prospects To The Back Of The Room . . . Now What?

By Donna Powell   It’s at the back of the room, or at the enrolments table where the business end of things happens. This is where the success of your presentation is measured via the number of sales you make and the money you take home in your pocket. It’s here the order forms are […]

Seminar Room Dynamics

There is a secret to understanding the elements of running an event room Most people think the only important thing is content There is so much more Far more important than content is the participant experience There are three key elements to running a successful room The Speaker and content The space – the seminar […]

It’s All About Image

When it comes to speaking, we like to think that what we say and how we say it is more important than what we look like and how people see us.  But the truth is that people do judge us by our appearance and by our offstage behavior.  When you are portraying an image that […]

7 Simple Steps To An Effective Presentation

There are two key ingredients essential to getting big money from stage results: the first is your passion for your products and services. The second is your sales presentation. If you don’t love what you sell, the first thing I suggest is to find something to sell that you love, because otherwise your audience will […]

Using Public Speaking to Leverage your Consulting Business

What do you find yourself saying over and over (and over) to clients? Instead of delivering that information one-to-one why not deliver that information once to multiple clients at the same time at an event? Invite your clients to bring their guests They get to network with each other and make new contacts, and you […]