The 3 Steps to Influencing your Audience: Step 2 – Inspire

This is the second part in a series of 3 Behind the Scenes tips on influence. In this tip I talk about the second step to influence – inspiring your audience. This content is taken directly from my Presentation Profits Intensive seminar. To inspire – breathe life into the dreams of your audience You’re not […]

The keys to using your voice dramatically.

Creating emotion has a few key elements that cannot be missed. These are: Awareness Intention Vocal strength and flexibility 1. Awareness The first key is to recognize the power that the voice has in impacting and creating change in another human and as such, how this can generate more sales. It has been said that […]

Mastering The Room With Your Voice To Generate Sales

Making the time to develop your voice increases your ability to emotionally move roomfuls of people and in turn increases your conversion rate.  Public speaking is an area with the potential to make a lot of money so it makes sense to invest time on your voice.  Remember…. Your voice becomes your money-making machinery. Developing […]

Using Powerful Language in Your Presentations

In order to become a speaker that moves hearts and minds and is memorable, you need to use an element to your language that is unforgettable. Like Shakespeare did in his plays, if you can use verbs in a powerful way in your presentation, you will find it all comes to life. This is the […]

Using Good Speech Quotes

What makes a good speech quote?  And should you use quotes in your speech or is that done to death? You’ve probably noticed that people who know how to deliver effective presentation will oftentimes use famous quotes to get their message across.  Why? Well for one, as Sophocles said:  “A short saying often contains much […]