By Joanna Martin

LionLions are beautiful, majestic creatures… and let’s be honest, you wouldn’t fail to spot one coming
towards you

But how about when the same lion is out hunting with its pride? 30 or 40 of these imposing creatures
together… where only their size separates one from another.

How obvious would it be to distinguish between the lions now… and pick out the one who was
previously alone?

And whilst today’s blog isn’t going to be discussing lion spotting strategies… the lions’ habits do highlight
a pertinent question you should be asking yourself as a speaker.

In a world where there is a high chance that many other people offer the same services as you… how
are you to your prospective clients?

What are you doing differently from your competitors?

Short of growing a large mane and roaring loudly… how is your uniqueness recognisable?

Do your competitors fear you because your reputation is stronger, and more majestic than theirs?

Are you the prey… observing the lions in your field and feeling you will never be able to match their

Or… are you the leopard… striding confidently through the wild marketplace… alone and soaring ahead
of the lions, dominating your niche?

You see, everyone can become the leopard… you just need to step away from the lions who are hunting
together… nothing distinguishing them from each other… fighting over the same prey.

Cat RoaringYou need to be different!

So, what is it that makes you stand out from the pride? How will your prospective customers recognise
you as the person they must work with?

The answer my friend is… your story.

We all have a unique story. You’ve no doubt heard mine… the junior doctor whose young patient passed
away that led me on a journey through drama school, into personal development and onto making $500k in 3 months with no database when I started selling from stage.

Now trust me when I tell you this (I’m a doctor after all!) – it’s your story of your journey that sets you
apart from your competitors.

No two people will ever have the exact same story… or have experienced life in an identical way.

Have you given any thought to sharing your personal story in your marketing? At least… telling the story
of the events in your life that have brought you to your business now?

If you have, well done. You’re already taking bold strides in your journey towards dominating your niche.

Cat in GrassIf you haven’t taken any time to build your story yet, I invite you to give it some serious thought.
Consider the twists and turns in your life that have developed your passion and expertise for what you

Recognise your uniqueness and don’t be afraid to share your story. People buy from people don’t
forget… just as long as they can recognise you in the crowd!

Why are you so passionate about helping your clients? What events in your life have brought you here
today? I’d love to hear from you in the comments area below.

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