Scarcity: Making It Work For You

This week’s BTS tip comes from our General Manager, Donna Powell. Scarcity creates incentive to buy Reward fast action takers Be clear on your system to your audience and your crew

How To Make Selling YOUR Product As Easy As Possible For You

By Donna Powell   So the big day has arrived! After months of hard work this is the day you launch your ebook/seminar/product into the marketplace.  What’s that noise?  Why, it’s the sound of thousands of customers flooding through your doors making more money for you in a week than you earned in a month […]

Using Public Speaking To Sell From Stage

Public speaking can serve these 5 business functions – research & development, marketing, sales, product creation, product delivery. You can take someone from “who the hell are you?” to “I love you! Here’s my credit card!” You must be able to deliver what you say you will deliver. Public speaking can increase your conversions, way […]

Good Order Form Structure

The Key Main things you need on an order form are: Headline Key Benefit What You Get (Features and Benefits) Description of Bonuses Summary of Value Guarantee “YES! I want to become a member!” Nuts and Bolts – Name and Address etc Continuity Tick Box Signature Contact Details

4 Common Fears Around Selling From Stage And How To Overcome Them

Many of us have blocks around selling from stage – when this is one of the most sure-fire ways to make money! So let’s look at the 4 common fears around selling from stage: They Don’t Know How.If you are not currently achieving at the level you wish to, it is either because (a) you […]

The Importance Of Passion In Selling

For me, the importance of passion in selling is probably the most powerful piece of advice I can give to new speakers.  I always try to speak from the heart and connect with the audience in this heart-felt way.  When I bring my heart into my speaking, it always follows that my sales increase.  And […]