Mastering The Room With Your Voice To Generate Sales

Making the time to develop your voice increases your ability to emotionally move roomfuls of people and in turn increases your conversion rate.  Public speaking is an area with the potential to make a lot of money so it makes sense to invest time on your voice.  Remember…. Your voice becomes your money-making machinery. Developing […]

Why Your Voice Is The Most Important Tool You Have

Speaking is a key area in almost every business, be it negotiations, promotions and of course, speaking and selling from stage.  This makes it ALL THE MORE important to know just how powerful your voice can be.  Your Voice Is Your Money-Making Machinery. Understanding this will make you a truly exceptional speaker with the power […]

Public Speaking For Sales Allows You To Showcase Your Knowledge

If there’s one thing I love more than public speaking for sales, it’s helping others speak and sell from stage too Why Do It, Jo? Many sales professionals never consider the opportunity to do workshops, seminars and presentations in front of the public. If you are one of them, then you are missing a golden opportunity. […]

Presentation Skills: Using statistics to prove your points

I believe that one of the best presentation skills you can have is the ability to deliver “effective presentations”. These are the kind of presentation that don’t just inform, but involve, inspire and move people to action. A core part of moving people to action is that you have to prove and back up your […]

Public Speaking Tips: How to Handle Feedback

Recognise that every time you step on stage or put yourself out there, you are opening yourself up to feedback. Keep your energy in while hearing the feedback, and filter it based on Does this person want the best for me What is their experience or education in this area Make the choice whether to […]