Shift Speaker Training discovers: be careful what you wish for!

You have to be careful what you wish for! Last week, after an incredibly successful round of Shift presentation Secrets evets (or 1-day Intro events) around Australia- the 3-day intensive training (Presentation PROFITS) Sold Out! That’s right, with 130 people in the room we absolutely could not fit another soul in! Which was great news […]

Breaking the Ice

Back at the beginning of January I wrote about a whole load of techniques to break the ice with your audience – but I haven’t actually shown you it in action yet. So I thought I’d show you a little sneak preview of breaking the ice IN ACTION at my Presentation Profits Intensive seminar. Remember […]

Mastering The Room With Your Voice To Generate Sales

Making the time to develop your voice increases your ability to emotionally move roomfuls of people and in turn increases your conversion rate.  Public speaking is an area with the potential to make a lot of money so it makes sense to invest time on your voice.  Remember…. Your voice becomes your money-making machinery. Developing […]

State Changes – Keeping Your Audiences Engaged

Every seven minutes you need to elicit a state change in your audience It can be with a MASSAGE, a HIGH FIVE or a turn to your neighbour to say something complimentary and fun In order to know when to do this you can have a reminder on your autocue or just watch your audience’s […]

Why Your Voice Is The Most Important Tool You Have

Speaking is a key area in almost every business, be it negotiations, promotions and of course, speaking and selling from stage.  This makes it ALL THE MORE important to know just how powerful your voice can be.  Your Voice Is Your Money-Making Machinery. Understanding this will make you a truly exceptional speaker with the power […]

Choosing the Right Environment for Your Presentation

The venue and environment you select when doing your presentation is as much a vital part of what you do as everything else. You want to choose somewhere that supports your message and adds to what you want to achieve. For Example: Don’t choose somewhere dark and gloomy if you have a bright and sunny […]