Four Common Myths Around Speaking From Stage

I’ve been speaking from stage for around 8 years now and within that time I’ve seen some very strange myths about speakers.   Today, I’m going to dive into them and dismantle them one by one! Here are four common, and untrue myths. Myth #1: You have to be educated to become a public speaker. […]

Using Good Speech Quotes

What makes a good speech quote?  And should you use quotes in your speech or is that done to death? You’ve probably noticed that people who know how to deliver effective presentation will oftentimes use famous quotes to get their message across.  Why? Well for one, as Sophocles said:  “A short saying often contains much […]

Presentation Skills: Using statistics to prove your points

I believe that one of the best presentation skills you can have is the ability to deliver “effective presentations”. These are the kind of presentation that don’t just inform, but involve, inspire and move people to action. A core part of moving people to action is that you have to prove and back up your […]