Is Your Business in Need of a Turnaround?

By Spike Humer and Darren Stephens Well first, what is “turnaround”?  Most people think about a turnaround as a time when a business is attempting to avert bankruptcy or a total demise.  We like to think in terms of prevention rather than a cure. Think of it as a “remodeling” or perhaps a redefining or […]

How to get the Right Kind of Publicity for your Speaking Business

How do you get the right media attention for your speaking business? I didn’t really know, so I asked my good friend and Our Internet Secrets colleague and faculty member Sue Gardiner to write an article for me. Enjoy! Joey The 3 Biggest Myths About Free Publicity Busted By journalist & media & marketing strategist […]

Internet Marketing for Your Speaking Career

4 Strategies for Getting More Exposure Than Paris Hilton – Bare Minimum Effort without the Bare Bottom Internet marketing is not my game, but over the years I have learnt enough to make sure that when people hear about me and go searching online- they find me.  As a speaker I believe this is the […]

Public Speaking Tip – Get Yourself a Showreel!

I’m always asked “how do I get more gigs?”  Well the problem for most speakers is not that they aren’t decent speakers.  It’s that no-one knows they exist!  Which is why, for better or for worse you have to work at increasing two fundamentals: Your Celebrity Your Credibility Help people get to know you! You […]

Are You a Web Celeb?

Did you know that Forbes publish a “Top 25 Web Celebs” list?  While I’m not on there yet- I’ve managed to establish myself quite firmly at the forefront of the speaking niche, and I want to show you how you can do it in your area…  In this free webinar I’ll pull back the […]

Register Your Name as a Domain

Get your Own name registered as a web site or domain name Allows your site to come up when people search for your name If you can’t get your own name (eg. if someone already has it) get a variation of your name – eg use middle name or initial, or title Check the company’s […]